31 December 2005

Happy New Year

a collection of stuff as the year winds down

Over at Four Right Wing Wackos Ragin'_Dave makes some salient points in his last post of the year. Regular readers will recognize Dave's usual....er....idiom:

The next time some asshat talks about how great it is in Cuba, kick them in the nuts. They're mentally damaged and cannot be reasoned with.

And James Lileks speaks some truth in a piece from two months ago that I some how missed at the time. My bad. You can collect your refund at the door.

I've got the documentary "Gunner Palace" running in the background even as I type. Good film, you should invest a couple of hours and watch it. I'm not a professional movie reviewer, nor do I play one on TV; but I'll offer up my opinions on the film whilst in the middle of my third viewing in as many days. In no particular order

The film reminds me of Apocalypse Now, in that every six minutes a chopper zooms overhead, and every eleven minutes there's one of those "Army News" radio broadcasts. I'm sure that is not un-intentional. All the better. Wilf is pretty funny, as a side show to the whole deal.

I did get my eyes opened to the whole IED / road-side bomb situation. It's pretty freakin' scary, you've really got to see it to understand.

The film is not as "pro-war" as you may think going in. It is a true documentary: the good, the bad, and the ugly; proportionally balanced.

There is far too much "rap" music to suit my taste. My problem, not that of the film-makers.

Wilf's electric guitar "Star Spangled Banner" ala Hendrix is good and is expertly placed in the film.

Over all, a good film worth watching.

11:58 PM. I gotta go load up the Ruger and freakin' CELEBRATE!

More soon.

Courage (Resolve)

29 December 2005

Insert post title here

insert subtitle here, in italics
So anyway, isn't it wonderfull how the world just ceases to exist when you're on holiday? I haven't a clue about what is going on out there; it's all "year in review" and "best of" crap from where I'm sitting.
I've made a few changes to the side-bars, thanks for noticing. A few links added, a couple discarded, things shuffled around a bit. I've added a "Posts of Note" list, kind of a (very humble) SupplySidePolitics greatest hits list; my personal favorites as it were. If you can think of any other posts to be included, please leave a comment or e-mail me at heywoodblogger-at-yahoo-dot-com. More changes are forthcoming. Brother-in-Blog: please call the office.
More soon.
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26 December 2005

The Lost Post (one of many)

it's like watching those antiques shows on PBS

I was snooping around in the nether regions of the Command Computer here at Casa de Heywood and I stumbled upon a NotePad copy of a rant from a couple of weeks ago. So, let's travel back to 16 December 2005 and see what was on my mind.....

I just couldn't let a fortnight go by un-posted

As you can well imagine, I've been freakin' busy (insert lame apology for lack of posting here / Brother-in-Blog: please call the office)

I've been working on the planks of my platform for when I run for President (2020 at the earliest, although I am accepting donations starting yesterday at 4:00 PM. I just love compound interest). It's much too early on in the 2020 Presidential race to spill the beans, but I'll give you a teaser: taxes flat, border fenced, Constitution Rules!
So anyway, this whole "torture" thingy has been in the news this week and I guess I should toss in my two peso's worth. Here's where I stand on the issue: When I'm President, anyone on the Federal payroll who's job description includes the duties of ".....interrogation of terrorists....." will be issued a Die-Hard battery, a set of jumper cables, a propane torch, a pair of Channel-Lock pliers, and a $1000 gift card for Craftsman tools (for any "last minute" items they may need).

My only direction to said Federal employees will be "Here's your stuff" and "We.Need.To.Know." nudge nudge wink wink

Snark aside, it's probably a good thing that We are eschewing torture as a policy. Not that torture was ever an official policy, but I just hate handicapping our people in their dealings with some of the planet's really rank ahssoles.

You'll hear the "ticking bomb" theory tossed about in the torture dialog. I gots news for you Jackson, if we have Achmed Mohammad Usfef Osama as a suspect in the interrogation room and there is a ticking bomb out there, what is and what is not "legal" is not going to be a topic in the debate. Our people at the sharp end of the stick will do what it takes to resolve the issue.
And, no. There will not be a debate over what the definition of the word "is" is.

I had more to say, but it's late again. Is it just me, or is Joe Lieberman talking all rational and siht? I've always thought that he's OK, and I hope he'll pick up Zell Miller's torch and run with it. Just a thought. Yes, I know: he's moving toward the center with an eye on '08.

Like I said, it's late, the mind wanders.

Courage (Resolve)
So, there you have it. And yes, I am accepting campaign contributions for the 2020 Presidential election.
More soon
Courage (Resolve)

24 December 2005

One more thing

before I crash

Is we is or is we ain't drilling in ANWR yet?

23 December 2005

Friday Night Light

better post titles to resume in the new year
Crap. Even on a day off, when I should be able to scare up a few extra minutes to blog properly for you people, it was after 11:50 PM before I could get to the bridge of Starship Heywood.

No, I haven't done the required reading today to post intelligently. I haven't squat of an idea about what is going on out there. I only popped in here to say the following:
Merry Christmas.

21 December 2005

Promises to keep

and miles to go before I sleep

Ragin' Dave over at Four Right Wing Wackos links out to a most excellent post by Lee of Right Thinking. In this season of understanding and coming-together-ness (kum-bay-yaa, krishna krishna) it is a tonic for the soul. In order to understand the snivelling leftist snot-weasels, we must first like, understand them. Lee elucidates.
As any of my former cube-mates can tell you (or anyone with-in a stapler's throw of my cube) I've been going on about the liberal "VietNam / coming of age" reference for years. Lee does an excellent job applying the construct to the current War and what it means to the left.
More soon.
Courage (Resolve)

18 December 2005

Before I forget

or pass out

Ragin' Dave of Four Right Wing Wackos fame links to the Friday wisdom of Victor Davis Hanson. Right. What he said.

17 December 2005

Another Saturday Night

and I ain't got no excuses

[Insert feeble apology for lack of posting here]

I had a really good post cooked up last night; one of those "When I'm President....." rants that was destined to become required reading in every high school civics class forever.

Sing along, you know the words: between my ISP and the Blogger interface the post got "poofed", couple that with the fact that I was completely 'faced at the time, I was unable to recover the post. Note to self: maybe it's time to re-evaluate this whole drinking thingy.

So anyway, there are a couple of "must reads" out there that should not be missed: Ace has hit the proverbial nail smackly on the friggin' head in his post about Iran and the issues therein. I gotta figure out how to get on his blogroll.....but I digress. A teaser from the post:
Ace's post is level-headed and sobering. As horrific as it is, it is the only course of action that makes any sense.
And the indespensible Jeff Goldstein takes on the NSA / "domestic" spying issue in light of the bigger picture. Just keep scrolling, the "Steve in Houston" comments are already lighting up the blogosphere. (H/T to Ace for the heads up on the Goldstein post)
In other news, insights to how Moxie celebrates her weekends. I have to laugh, there's an ad for Keith "Who?" Olbermann's show on Moxie's site; yeah, I'm sure she's tuning in. She'd fold him like a cheap pocket knife without breaking a sweat.
Courage (Resolve)

03 December 2005

Did I say "thrice"?

silly me; Tookie killed four people

Previously I referred to Stanley "Tookie" Williams as a "thrice-murdering" oxygen thief; I'd like to go on record here and now to admit that I was wrong and fully acknowledge that Crips founder Tookie Williams did indeed kill four people (in two seperate incidents). My bad.
Via Michelle Malkin, the TPoTD (Tookie Post of The Day).
I took the Genitical Twinlets to the local Christmas parade / tree lighting / Santa visit this evening. Big, big fun was had by all. I'll 'splain more tomorrow, I got to personally thank some Marines and piss off some lefties, Bonus Plus. There's something about being out in 20° weather for three and a half hours, then coming in and getting cozy and warm that just makes you sleepy after drinking a copious quantity of cheap vodka.
More soon.
Courage (Resolve)

01 December 2005

At last I've found.....

.....something to put over my "Fry Mumia" bumper sticker
Toast Tookie
I honestly cannot believe that people are lining up to defend the vile Crips founder / thrice-murdering Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Un-fooking-believable. I fully expect Arnold to go all girly-man and stay the execution. Jeebeezus.
Michelle Malkin has all the goodies on the whole steamin' pile-o-Tookie.
Honestly? All I want for christmas is drilling in ANWR and Tookie Williams shot-gunned in the head. Not for myself, I want these things for the children
And don't get me started on the Hawaii Supreme Court ruling. (H/T to Mrs.Malkin) More on this later.
If I were sleeping right now I'd get five and a half hours of sleep (mmmm, sleep). But I'm not so I shant. I gotta go.
Courage (Resolve)