18 May 2006

Finally, a Voice of Reason

he has a point

One of my all time favorite bloggers, Jim of Smoke on the Water fame, has hit it smackly on the head:

And that's just in the ex post facto preamble to his post. If you bat from the Right side, you must read Jim's post.
I've long admired Jim's ability to cut through the bullsiht and lay things out with crystal clarity. He does not dissappoint with this entry. He make a very good point, we Right thinkers have taken to beating upon our fellow travellers over the borders / immigration issue. I'm in Jim's "Amen" column when he said:
The leftards are feeling all empowered, because all us right-wingnuts are bickering amongst ourselves. Do you blame them? If they were divided over the Patrick (Son of SpongeTedSquareLiver) Kennedy's drunk driving fiasco, we would be talking about their implosion.*
Do go read Jim's post. thatisall
*Not to equate Paddy Kennedy's situation with the clear and present danger of the border issue, just making a point with a current events item.

16 May 2006

I should have knowd

that the moonbats would be in full force

sigh. I find it increasingly difficult to maintain my usual levels of civility and decorum of late.

Case in point: my most liberal fellow worker bee returned my morning salutation with a 15 minute BDS-Tourette's Syndrome spewing about The President and last night's speech on immigration and border control.

Actually, that's not quite right. The first 83 seconds of his rant was on the immigration issue, then he set off for the top of Mt. Moonbat on the shores of Leftard lake. In the next 13 minutes 37 seconds, he hit all the bases going from immigration to the GWOT to Iran to how GWB was
manipulating the price of gas to make all his oil buddies rich to how GWB stole not one but two elections to stupid bible thumpers to tax cuts for the rich because of the Jooooooos and Mexican prez Fox controlling GWB to socialized medicine to the deficit to SCOTUS to abortion back to
stupid bible thumpers to GWB's T-ANG service to billy jeff blythe clinton being smart enough to get a jo blob......bejeezus christo, it was like a Leftard's Greatest Hits album being played at warp speed, replete with wild eyes, frayed hair, and flying spittle.

I stood and listened politely as I always do and waited for him to pause to catch his breath. When he finally stopped to inhale, I looked him squarely in the eye with the most sincere and earnest expression I could muster and said:

"I got new socks"*

Then I walked away. He's still talking, by the way. He hasn't stopped yammering on and on. The only thread of commonality in his diatribe is that it's all GWB's fault and the idiots who elected him. Three and a half hours now.

I find myself walking away a lot lately. I can no longer endure attempting conversation with BDS-deranged asshats. Debate is right out. It would be less frustrating to attempt to explain the Pythagorean Theorem to an autistic amoeba with a hearing problem.

More soon. Of course, it may be about quilting or organic celery farming or fly tying

*h/t to Coconut for the "new socks" line, from back in the day.....

15 May 2006

Contractual Obligation Post

Five? Six? You go count'em and let me know

I just caught tonight's speech on CSPAN and all I can say is: Yawn. Having the whole thing leaked out over the past 36 hours, there were no surprises for yours truely. I'm just glad I didn't participate in one of the "drinking games" associated with the speech, otherwise, I'd be 'faced by now. Wait a minute.....
Jim of Smoke on the Water fame sums it all up nicely. Right. What he said.
Tom Tancredo has an opinion on the subject as well. But you knew that.
Speaking of "yawn", it's a school night and all. More soon

13 May 2006

Saturday Night Post Thingy

barely plugged in

so anyway, this whole NSA data mining thing is occupying the news lately. Yawn. Jim of Smoke on the Water fame breaks it down per his usual spot on insight to the matter at hand.
As usual, you should read Peggy Noonan's Opinion Journal post from Thursday past.
You can catch a glimpse at all the big fun I've been having here. Be afraid. Be.Very.Afraid.
More soon, I gotta geaux

08 May 2006

Monday Evening

the post-title-writers strike continues
WOOT! Look at me, blogging at 10 PM! This is much better than logging in to Blogger at 11:37PM. No burning issues to light my fire, however. Alas, passionate topics and time to blog them seem to be mutually exclusive concepts.
I'm still holding my water on the Porter Goss situation, as well as General Hayden's nomination. I'll inch out on the limb and say this: Goss resigns on Friday, Hayden is nominated on Monday. I have a feeling that Hayden is going to be the DCI equivalent of the Harriet Meirs SCOTUS nomination. Nominating someone so quickly smacks of damage control, focusing the MSM news cycle on the DCI replacement rather than let them fester over the Goss resignation and whatever was behind it. Somewhere in the basement of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Karl Rove is laughing his ass off.
Since everyone and their brother, uncle, and second cousin all have theories on the Goss resignation, I'll add mine to the mix. Picture this: after the McCarthy situation, and the Double-Oh-Mom Valerie Plame-Wilson (who, as it turns out, was "outed" by her husband Joe Wilson. Ace links to The American Thinker for all the poop), where was I?
Right. After all that, Porter Goss storms into John Negroponte's office with a list of billy jeff blythe clinton appointees that he wants to purge. Negroponte balks on the request; they kick it up to the Oval Office, it get's balked again, and Goss resigns on principal. Hey, it could happen, right? It's better than this weak "Hookergate" story that's running around.
Elsewhere, around the league tonight; Austin Bay has some interesting things to say about the Straits of Hormuz. H/T to the Four Right Wing Wackos for the tasty linkage.
Crap, the dryer just stopped. I gotta geaux. More soon.

05 May 2006

Cinco de Mayo

somehow, I don't think it's getting the same play this year

so anyway, what a week. I am so glad it's over.

Where to start? The Porter Goss situation is less than eight hours old, the leftards are looking for this to be the straw that breaks the Administration and finally brings down GWB. The fact that they're gloating so hard this early tells me that there is ultimately nothing to see here. I could be wrong, I don't know. Neither does anyone else. Goldstein has as good of info as anyone that I've read this evening.
You really must read this week's entries from Peggy Noonan and Victor Davis Hanson. "More rubble, less trouble" Indeed.
Elsewhere, I detail my adventures of the week. How I keep up this frenetic pace is a mystery to me as well.
We'll have words again real soon.

02 May 2006

Tuesday Rubies

my apologies to the Stones

Shelby Steele has made quite a splash with his Opinion Journal post today. Jeff Goldstein glosses, extending the concept and making it more better.

Speaking of Opinion Journal, their weekend "Hot Topic" on the pump price of gas is spot on. Force feed a copy to a leftard today!

Jim of Smoke on the Water fame has regained his momentum. Did I mention how glad I am that he's posting again? Jim has two outstanding posts up related to the May Day nonsense, one quotes Theodore Roosevelt, the other George Orwell. Read them both, this material will be included on future exams.

Hitchens on Iran. Go read.

Sigh. I'm having leftard problems again. My most liberal fellow worker-bee is on again about how ".....King George is going to drag us in to another war for oil in Iran....." And you people wonder why I drink. Two days into the week and I've already had to listen to about twenty hours of liberal leftard moonbat bullsiht. It's a wonder I'm sane at all. More on his rantings later, I feel a Tourette's attack coming on, so I should give it a miss for now.

In keeping with the often neglected policy of "More sleep=better blogging", I should go sleep now. We'll have words again real soon.