26 December 2007

Now that's just weird

coincidence? you decide

so anyway, I've got the MP3 player pumping ELO's most excellent "Evil Woman" directly into my brain whilst I read this.
Weird, I tell you....

23 December 2007


and detail

so anyway, I've re-added Frank J.'s IMAO to the SSP blogroll. A FSM link has been added, as well.


19 December 2007

Just in case

you're wondering what to get me for Festivus

Via Cold Fury, all I want for Festivus is a fricken' T-shirt
No, I don't have a "FRED!" tattoo yet, but this Friday is payday and you never know....

15 December 2007


well, not quite. But it's the right thing to do

so anyway, it looks like our old friend Mike of Cold Fury fame has decided against harshing the mellow (with extreme prejudice) of poor widdle Chuck Adkins. Mike cites humanitarian reasons for not stomping the vile leftard into a puddle, and I can't say that I disagree.
Although, it would be an absolutely righteous stomping. But I digress.....
Mike? If you're ever in Detroit (Rock City) I'll buy you not one, but two forty ounce quarts of your favorite beer and all the WhiteCastles you can eat.

14 December 2007

Friday's Executive Summary

so ends another week in the Stoopid Business

so anyway, it's been a brutal week. But it's over now and I'm taking Monday off, so all is well.

It is actually beginning to look a lot like Christmas: my brother-in-blog Kim du Toit has posted his annual reminder that the Most Dreaded Season is in full swing.
Elsewhere; I'm sure you've seen the comments of one David Hazinski, former NBC correspondent turned self-righteous pontificator. A taste:
Supporters of "citizen journalism" argue it provides independent, accurate, reliable information that the traditional media don't provide. While it has its place, the reality is it really isn't journalism at all, and it opens up information flow to the strong probability of fraud and abuse.
The news industry should find some way to monitor and regulate this new trend.

The premise of citizen journalism is that regular people can now collect information and pictures with video cameras and cellphones, and distribute words and images over the Internet. Advocates argue that the acts of collecting and distributing makes these people "journalists."
He says that like it's a bad thing. Emphasis mine, and you should read the whole thing to get the "context". I do not view myself as a "citizen journalist", I'm just a guy with a full time job, a full time wife, three full time kids, and maintaining the house / grounds here at Casa de Miguel full time (and loving every minute of all of the above....well, maybe the "full time job" not so such) who occasionally likes to stand on a soapbox on the fringe of the town square and vent my frustrations.
I'd "fisk" the entry, but Billy Hollis over at Q and O has been there, done that. Nicely done, Mr.Hollis. Captain Ed also weighs in on the subject.
In POTUS'08 campaign news, Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame has posted his take on the Evil Party "debate" and Fred! offers an apology.
We'll have words again soon.

13 December 2007

Second Thursday of an eight day week

Welcome to the Stoopid Business

All I have is links tonight, children. Sorry about that; it's been a rough week in the Stoopid Business, making sure the next car you buy is a bigger piece of siht than the one you traded in.

I really should explain the whole "Stoopid Business" dealio sometime soon. So noted.

Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame has his world-famous "drunkblogging" post up on the republican "debate".

Steve H. Graham is on a freakin' roll. Preach it, Brother Steve:

Righteous, Brother.
I gotta sleep, the report-out to upper management starts at zero seven thirty.

12 December 2007

The Obligatory Chuck Adkins Post

I'm with the "cutting edge" crowd

so anyway, following up on yesterday's post: the reaction around the dextrosphere to the Hendrix v. Adkins dust-up has all the cool kids talking. I'm pressed for time this evening, so I'll give you the links without (much) comment:

Via ProteinWisdom, a link to Patterico. Ragin' Dave weighs in, as well. Ace is also on the board. My liege Emperor Misha I has a say on the matter.
Like I said, I'm pressed for time. There are many, many others out there, I simply haven't the time to follow all the links and read all the comments. See Also: Blogroll.
I so much wanted to blog about the "presumptive nominees" for POTUS'08 and/or the Second Amendment tonight; alas, time is short and another day in the Stoopid Business is a mere seven hours away.

11 December 2007

Second Monday this week

I blame the Stoopid Business

so anyway, I'm at a loss for words over this. Utterly speechless. Mike's own comment sums it up nicely:

"He's far too insignificant for me to have even noticed, much less gotten my
knickers in a twist over. But going after a man's wife, either dead or alive, is
beyond the pale where I grew up. And going after a man's dead wife? Patently,
completely unforgivable, and any decent man with even the most
parsimoniously-developed sense of honor would know better.

Not all that long ago, the perfectly proper response to such a thing would've been pistols at dawn, and no righteous observer would've thought otherwise either. I've
personally known people who got killed for less."

Jebeezus. The short story is this: one of the Cold Fury bloggers (not Mike) called bullshit on a low-level leftard blogger, said leftard blogger responds with an attack on Mike's recently deceased wife, Christiana. Mike responded to the insult, asked for the appropriate apology and is told to "get bent" for his efforts. Then it gets ugly.

Mike? If you're going to be in the Detroit (Rock City) area anytime soon, I'll buy you not one, but two 40 oz. quarts of your favorite beer and all the White Castles you can eat.

10 December 2007

Monday Night

the post title writers' strike continues

so anyway, Mike of Cold Fury fame provides an excellent link to SayUncle's Mass murderers v. armed citizens post. Good stuff, that. My bet is that you'll see a lot of crazy "gun" violence news now that the SCOTUS is hearing the 2A case.

Bejeezus, I wish I had time to blog like the days of old (remember? when every third post was me whining about not having any time to blog?) But I digress...

I've been doing a little house-keeping here at Supply Side Politics; if you've missed the (subtle) changes, here's a re-cap:

First, you'll remember my addition of Consul-at-Arms to the SSP blogroll a few weeks back. I've lost a couple of evenings recently reading his fascinating blog, and you should too.

You may notice that I've added Chris Muir's Day by Day to the sidebar. See? I can embed something if you give me the code up front.

Elsewhere, Sir Banagor is posting again! And Bill Whittle is threatening to do the same. Both have been moved from the "Missing in Action" rolls to the aforementioned SSP blogroll.

Sadly, Jim of Smoke on the Water fame remains silent.

In other news, I've added The Bone Conduction Music Show to the sidebar as the Blues Provider of Choice. It's all good.

The Stoopid Business is placing (extra) unreasonable demands on my time this week, so I must go now. We'll have words again soon, I'm sure.

03 December 2007

This still makes me nervous

....after all these years