22 January 2011

Semi-Public Service Announcement

it's not for everyone (you know who you are)

so anyway, if you came here looking for "AltonJackson's Fellow Moronbloggers of the ONT", click here.

If not, never mind. Regular (sporadic) blogging will now resume.

more soon


04 January 2011

She's done it again

S.Weasel done did it good....

so anyway, Stoat Weasel has "poked her toe" into the world of inter-web net-tube thingy video:

more soon

Menu Planning

I'll be eating a lot more TacoBell.....

so anyway, last Tuesday TheMissus™ announced that she and the kids were going 'vegan'. This announcement proceeded a 34 hour filibuster on the joys and benefits of vegan-ism, the evils and horrors of meat consumption, and the pronouncement that I should be a vegan, too. (Three words: Not Gonna Happen)

As expected, it was decreed that all "animal products" be removed from the ice box. I was able to convince her that we should not just throw the food away, but that I would finish off all the "evil animal products".

Bright and early the next morning, I microwaved a plate of turkey bacon* for my breakfast as the kids were eating their free-trade organic oatmeal topped with free-range honey. I had (turkey) bacon for my breakfast everyday for the rest of the week.

So Monday evening, TheMissus™ makes a big batch of organic millet with free-trade mung beans, spinach, and hormone free yeast flakes. The kids were less than impressed. Frustrated, TheMissus™ asked if they wanted to put ketchup or something on it to make it more palatable.

Twin the Youngest piped up "Oh, yes. Can I put something on it?"

"Of course" said TheMissus. "What do you want to put on it?"

"Bacon" said Twin the Eldest.

Somehow, I thought it was a lot funnier than TheMissus™ did.

more soon

*yeah, I know it's not really bacon