17 February 2011

If I had a million dollars

purely hypothetical

so anyway, if I were independently wealthy I would have gone to Madison, Wisconsin today and rented a fire-hose.

I've about had my fill of public sector unions.

Related quote:

Preach it, brother.

more soon

11 February 2011

Changes (elsewhere)

I'm not real big on change, but this is OK

so anyway, long time blog-buddy Ragin' Dave has renamed and spruced up his blog. What once was "Four Right Wing Wackos" is now "Peace or Freedom", with a new template and everything. I've adjusted the SSP2.0 blogroll accordingly.

Speaking of template changes, it looks like Steve VodkaPundit Green (and the rest of the Pajamas Media bloggers) have been doing some template tweaking.

Exit question: now that Pajamas' "PJM Political" has ended it's fine run, how long until Steve Green shows up on the Ricochet podcast?

more soon