15 October 2011

A Disturbance in the Force

I'm feelin' it.....

so anyway, Smitty of The Other McCain fame posts a thought experiment today:
Of course, he's talking about Sarah Palin and some of the "tea leaves" that have been recently floated. Apparently, Sarah has updated her FaceSpace info page; changing her "Political Views" from "Republican" to "Conservative".

Josh Painter, at Texans for Sarah Palin has a good post up on the current situation with the GOP candidates and the aforementioned "disturbance in the Force". It's a good "inside baseball" piece, read the whole thing.

Not to go all "Columbo", but there's just one last thing that keeps making squeaking noises in the back of my head. Paraphrasing Josh Painter:

"When Gov. Palin announced on October 5 that she had decided not to run for president, she cited family reasons.....The words "at this time" from her official statement have been cited by some of her supporters as a clue that Sarah Palin, her family and her close advisors saw some new wrinkle in the political landscape that may have caused her to postpone her run, perhaps until 2016 or 2020."

Maybe I'm misremembering (it has happened before) Gov.Palin's announcement, but what I heard her say was that she was "not seeking the Republican nomination.....at this time".

I could be wishcasting, but "not seeking the Republican nomination" does not mean "not running for President". YMMV.

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Truth in Advertising

no disclaimer required....

Props to Exurban Kevin for the pic, which I lifted from Ace. Even Glenn is getting in on the fun.

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08 October 2011

It's both timely and correct

yeah, this is going to end up on the masthead....

so anyway, via Glenn, the Tuscon Tea Party has come up with this little gem:

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05 October 2011

Polling season is starting early

and ending early, as you will see...

so anyway, the phone rings here at Casa de Miguel around 8:40 PM tonight, and TheMissus™ hands it to me: "It's that stoopid 800 number again. They've called at least six times today."

I tell her that I'll handle it and take the handset:


Yes, I'm calling for Mr. Miguel Heywoodblogger? (What, did you think I'd use my real name? Here?)


Good evening, Sir. We are conducting an opinion survey on political positions (or some-such bullshit that went on for two minutes, you know how these things go)

I'm so glad you called.

Are you or anyone in your household employed by a newspaper, radio or TV station, or any other media outlet?

No. (He didn't mention a blog, so I didn't mention it, either)

Are you or anyone in your household involved in a political campaign?

(I let my involvement with The Campaign to De-Elect the pResident slide) No.

Are you currently registered to vote?

Since 1980. Yes.

How likely are you to vote in the Presidential Election in November of 2012? Not Likely, Somewhat Likely, Possibly, Somewhat Likely, Very Likely?

There's an eleventy-seven trillion percent chance that I am extremely likely to vote in the Presidential election in November, 2012. That would be a "Very Likely" to the n-th degree. Next question?

long pause....

Regarding your voting habits, what would you say best describes you: "Strong Democrat, Usually Vote Democrat, Independent, Usually Vote Republican, Strong Republican"?

Well, since you didn't offer up "Constitutional Conservative" as an option, I guess I'll have to answer "Strong Republican".

Thank you for your time. Click

The whole exchange took less than four minutes. Had TheMissus™ answered the phone, they'd still be talking.

I realize after the fact, that I should have played the situation, and answered the questions in full-blown leftard mode. My bad.

It's gotten late early again, and I must go. More soon....


Steve Jobs, RIP

who's gonna dream up the cool stuff, now?

so anyway, I'm sure you've heard by now that Steve Jobs had passed.

I've never been an Apple fanboi, myself, but I have a great appreciation for all the innovation that Jobs brought to the world.

Stephen "VodkaPundit" Green, a self-identifying Apple fan, has the bestest, most succinct summary of the way Steve Jobs changed your life.

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04 October 2011

The must-see vid....

....that all the cool kids are talking about

so anyway, the indispensable John E. has been doing yeoman's work putting out the goods about The Stuttering Clusterfcuk of Miserable Failure. Now, some of his finest work has been rendered in internet video form by MinnesotaMajority.org (updated 05OCT11 - ed.). Feast:

h/t to Ace for the link, and to John E. for his relentless efforts.

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