27 October 2014

Monday Night Video

The "You Should Watch This Daily" Edition

so anyway, I was going to post this on Saturday evening, but today seemed a better time.  Fifty years ago this evening, this was broadcast to the Nation:
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18 October 2014

Saturday Night Video

The "I'll take favorite movies for $1,000, Alex" Edition

so anyway, I heard something similar-sounding to tonight's feature this aftrnoon and the jukebox in my heard went straight to this:
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13 October 2014

Things you need to know

Yeah, I spent 39 hours in the Emergency Room this weekend...

so anyway, this:

several of such signs were posted about the entrance of the ER...

...just outside The Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor.

We are so boned.

04 October 2014

Saturday Night Video

The "I'll be seeing this in the Theater" Edition

so anyway, Clint Eastwood is directing a bio-pic about Chris Kyle, they released the first trailer this week:
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