17 October 2004

I haven't died or anything

Far from it, I've been very "time constrained" for the past week. I started a new job in the Louisville area on the 11th and am living out of a suitcase until further notice. No computer in the evenings and to badly paraphrase G.H.W.Bush(41) it "wouldn't be prudent" to blog from work during my first week on the job. Don't worry though, I've already started sucking up to the IT czar; if my calculations are correct, I'll have some major bandwidth by the end of the month.
It's frustrating, given the season and not being able to blog. In the past week, there have been things that pissed me off, enlightened me, amused me, and made me say "WTF?". It would be far too much to compile them all into a Saturday Evening Post, so I'll just toss out some random thoughts and call it a night.
The kerry/edwards campaign trying to make an issue of Mary Cheney is just sickening. What they don't understand is that most of us VRWC-types have known about Mary Cheney since before 1999, and we don't care. How one chooses to live their life is their own damn business. I whole heartedly agree with Vice-President Cheney's position that the whole "gay marriage" thingy is a State's rights issue; the fact that they can't win on the State level is why the left keeps pushing it on the Federal level. Whatever. They'll lose there, too.
As a note: isn't it curious that kerry has "advisors" and GWB has "handlers"? So sayeth the MSM every chance they get. I listen to a lot of radio news, and across the board, the MSM players (ABC/NBC/CBS(who?)/CNN/MRN/PBS, et al) refer to kerry's team as "advisors" and GWB's team as "handlers". I'm sure they think there's a "chimp" reference there somewhere.
My bumper sticker research has not gone lacking. Even in such a "solid GWB" state as Kentucky, I'm seeing a large number of kerry stickers. Temper that with the fact that I am staying in the "student ghetto" section of Louisville. Over my travels throughout the Louisville section of The Bluegrass State, however, it's still a draw. And the pro-GWB people don't have just one bumper sticker, either. Some of these cars, it's hard to tell what color the car is without the stickerage.
I've had my absentee ballot in my briefcase for almost 10 days now. I'm saving it for just the right moment.....
I had forgotten just how filling and satisfying ramen noodle soup was. At 8 for a dollar, it's the best meal value in town.
It's late, I gotta sleep


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