28 September 2004

Our society is doomed, or maybe not

Our society is doomed. I saw an ad this evening for the latest show on ABC, a program called "WifeSwap". The show if about, as you may guess, wife swapping. No, not the "swingers" kind of wife swapping (it is ABC after all) but more of a domestic version of "The Simple Life".
Where is the outcry from the feminazis? Even someone as insensitive as myself can see this as demeaning to women; where are the calls to boycott ABC over this? Are all the so-called "feminist" too busy trying to figure out how they'll pay the taxes on Oprah's "free" cars to notice?
I had a rare opportunity to catch some daytime radio this afternoon, and I am truly disturbed. I tuned in to Rush for about 15 minutes as he was discussing Votergasm.org; go view their site (but not while you're at work).
I also caught about 4 minutes of AirAmerica, which was worse than going to the DemocraticUnderground for half an hour. I didn't catch the hostess' name, I was listening between 3:17 and 3:21 this afternoon, you do the math. She was comparing the Bush family to the Royal House of Saud, and lamenteing the fact that they (AirAmerica) were not on in more major markets. Like it was their fookin' BIRTHRIGHT to be on the air everywhere.
Hmmm. A couple of observations here: first, she was trying to be very "Limbaugh-esque" in her approach and demeanor without much success. I first heard Limbaugh when he was on about 85 radion stations nation-wide, and he was thankfull for each and every one. Not crying that he wasn't on the big stations in the big markets, but appreciative of where he was. As much as AirAmerica is trying to steal from the Rush Limbaugh playbook, they could take a lesson here.
Second, her comparison of the Bush family to the Saudis was laughable at best. If Limbaugh or Savage or Hewitt or Beck or Reagan went off about the J.F.Kennedy / Camelot analogy, the left would want their aforementioned heads on pikes.
Our society is doomed, part the second. I just registered to vote. Online. With totally bogus information. At http://promotions.yahoo.com/declareyourself. That's right, Yahoo. I'll be checking the mailbox with eager anticipation in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted.
Our society is doomed, or maybe not: A little vitreol, properly applied. I first saw this at Kim du Toit's excellent site; today Stephen Green picked it up.
Go read it all, you need the perspective.

Kim also chalks up another post in the Department of Righteous Shootings; our Nation's senior citizens still can spot the bad guy in a crowd.

27 September 2004

Another election polling site

Via Stephen Green, I have found Electoral-Vote.com, and I am pleased. Not so much as the site shows the President with a lead in the projected Electoral College vote; but pleased that someone, who is a self described partisan for the left, is reporting that his man is losing. And doing so in a "stand up" way.
How refreshing. This looks like a guy with whom you could "agree to dis-agree" and have a beer with. He even gives the link to ElectionProjection.com, if you are seeking a pro-GWB viewpoint.
It's called intellectual honesty, and it's a trait that I, for one, value above all others. Whether his "pro-kerry" stance is or is not an "anti-bush" stance is not important here: he stands and delivers even if he doesn't like what he has to report. There are factions of the VRWC who could learn a lesson here
Contrast that with the hate mongers over at the DemocraticUnderground or CBS.

26 September 2004

Conspiracy Theory

Geez, if the post title alone doesn't generate some traffic, I don't know what will.

Anyway, I got to thinking earlier today about a conspiracy theory that us card-carrying members of the VRWC can call our own. I mean, the other side has such a wealth of Art Bell calibre theories to toss about and, well, theorize on; why shouldn't we have a few theories to prove that we are not being fooled by (insert your own organization here)? Here's one for you:

Have you noticed that some of the prolific VRWC blogging voices have been silenced lately? Think about it, think about the conservative bloggers who have either gone missing or are "mailing it in" from points unknown.

Hmmmm. Curious, no?

den Beste has "retired"; Whittle surfaces every three weeks to say he's working on it; Jim at Smoke on the Water puts up a cryptic post about life kicking you in the nuts then goes deep; Rachel Lucas comes back with much fanfare, but then posts dog-blogging at an alarming rate; Frank J. suddenly has "other demands" on his time and the free ice cream has slowed to a trickle; and Misha suddenly has some idiot threatening his family and has to go into RealLife mode to take care of things.
Hmmmm. You know who's behind all this, don't you? Really? No clue? Well let me tell you what's what:

It's the Democratic Underground, that's who. That's right, the DU is behind all this. Don't you see? They can't let the conservative point of view get out there with it's laser-like, precision guided, truth-seeking-missle (thank you for the phrase Mr.Whittle, where ever you are) ability to skewer the liberal memes and they must be silenced. It's all so easily clear why and how this all happened. The strident voices of conservatism had to be stopped.

Bill Whittle and Frank J. both have new "friends" in their life and neither has had much to say lately. Sure, Whittle has always had a habit of going weeks and weeks without posting, but there's always been a pay off after the wait. Curious, Bill was close to releasing the "Tribes" essay, but now is re-examining his world-view. Frank has taken up hiking the Grand Canyon and installing / removing hurricane shutters (like that's a plausible excuse) instead of blogging. You see, the DU has placed female operatives into the mix to disrupt their blogging.

The DU (with help from MoveOn.org) is behind all these hurricanes, BTW. With so many conservative bloggers in Florida and Texas, and both Texas and Florida conveniently near water, the DU spewed forth extra quantities of hot air to affect the climate and cause all these hurricanes to interfere with VRWC bloggers. And Jim at Smoke on the Water lives on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico, aka The Hurricane Mosh Pit. You do the math.

Rachel Lucas and Steven den Beste both claim to suffer from "blogging burn out", you know like the kind of burn out you get when you wake up with the severed head of a horse in the bed next to you and a note that says "Stop your right wing blogging or else"

So it's easy to see that the DU has taken out these bloggers so that the liberal agenda can be advanced without impediment.
< / delusion >
OK, so it's all crap. But can you just imaging the howling from the left if half a dozen of their premier voices "mysteriously" went silent? I mean, the six bloggers I mentioned have like eleventy-seven gazillion hits between them and are on everyone's blogroll. Can you imagine the theories that would be put forth if some left wing blogger like, for instance Kos, suddenly posts that he has taken up organic celery gardening and that he may post again in a couple of months. Jebeezus, the DU would positively go nukular with theories that Karl Rove and the Digital BrownShirts had taken Kos out to silence him.
Or is it all true? Tonight, I keep getting "cannot find server" or DNS errors when I call up the aforementioned bloggers, but the DemocraticUnderground loaded just fine. Curious.....

Accuracy from the DemocraticUnderground

*gag* *spit* *retch*

I made a brief incursion to the DemocraticUndergound this evening as part of my unending research on the issues. No really, it's OK; I owe both of you at least that much.
I limit my time veiwing the DU because I end up waking the baby when I start screaming and breaking things.
However, I did stumbly upon this little gem about the upcoming debates; it's actually quite close to being "spot on", although it was intended as a "wailing" piece about how "unfairly" the MSM will treat j f'n kerry in their coverage of the debates.

To save you the shame of actually having to visit the DU, here's the text of the post:
Get ready: How the media will spin Kerry
and Chimp on thedebate
Don't be surprised! Here's how the media
will cover Kerry's and Chimp's debate performance:
Kerry:If he's serious, they'll say he's
glum, gloomy, pessimistic, and uninspiring.
If he's jovial, they'll say he's
phony and trying too hard.
Chimp:If he's serious, he's,
presidential, the war-time commander in chief.
If he's jovial, everybody
wants to have a beer with him.
Kerry:If he's forceful, they'll say he's
too aggressive, mean, negative, desperate.
If he's calm, they'll say he's
weak, unsteady, dull, lacks energy.
Chimp:If he's forceful, he's strong,
resolute, unwavering.
If he's calm, he's prepared, on-message, disciplined,
Kerry:If he's specific, they'll say he's
wonkish, presenting "laundry lists," being overly-intellectual, show-offy, and
nobody likes the smart kid.
If he's not specific, they'll say he's vague,
criticizing but not offering solutions, not addressing the issues, and nobody
knows who he is.
Chimp:If he's specific, he "lays out his
plan" and "makes his case."
If he's not specific, he's spanning the issues,
giving a global presentation, painting a broad outline of his plans.
Kerry:If he jokes, they'll say he lacks
gravitas, trivializes important issues, doesn't understand troops are in harm's
way, nation's at war, disrespects the president, etc.
If he doesn't joke,
they'll say he needs to lighten up, he's too stoney, he's wooden.
Chimp:If he jokes, he's a man of the
people, a regular guy, people relate to him.
If he doesn't joke, he truly
cares about the American people and his sincerity resonates with voters in this
difficult time.
Plus, if he finds his podium and doesn't
trip on his way to it, he's surpassed all expectations. (Extra points for
correct pronunciation of "Abu Ghraib" or "nuclear.")

Don't these jackasses realize that the MSM is On.Their.Side.?
*****Update***** The comment section for this post is priceless (as in "without value")
Note to self: this kind of material deserves a good fisking, not just a copy-n-paste job. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go take a long hot shower. I feel dirty

And he's not in jail because....?

This is just wrong. Just fookin' wrong:
Go read and be sickened. Why this man isn't in a cell somewhere is just beyond me.

24 September 2004

The liberal mindset, and various other random thoughts

"Why Louisville?" I asked previously. I am contemplating accepting a job in the Louisville area. So there.

The posts "saved as draft" turned out to be largely crap: either too incoherent or too much "old news" to publish. I tried a savlage job on Throw Away Candidates; there's a cohesive post in there somewhere yearning to be free.
For those of you following my inpromptu bumper sticker research, I have an update for both of you, repleat with observations on polling data and Ralph Nader, but not Ralph Nader polling data.
I was in the airport recently and passed one of our Marines on the concourse. Roughly thirty-something, wearing desert camo. Didn't catch the rank insignia. I gave him "the nod" and thanked him for his service. Without blinking, he replied "It's an Honor". I'm a slacker. The next time, I'm buying him (or her) a beer. They sell beer in airports, don't they? Don't be a slacker; buy some beer for our men and women in uniform. Mmmmm, beer.
The Blogging Caesar's latest update makes me smile, although Stephen Green makes a good point about how we should be expecting more proactivity from the Administration.

16 September 2004

Thursday evening

What a week it has been. I've got half a dozen posts "saved as draft"; at least four of which will never see the light of day. A few days off are in order.
So a few days off I shall take. Friday morning, the whole famn damily loads up in the Big Green Van and heads off to Louisville for a long weekend. "Why Louisville?" is the subject for a post when I return.
While I'm on the road, I'll continue my ad hoc research on political bumper stickers. I'm sure I'll see a few cars over the next couple of days. Stay tuned

12 September 2004

Tuesdays, Heart Conditions, Hurricanes, Forgeries

So anyway It's like you have to be blogging at your 'puter like 24/7 to stay on top of things. Jebeezus, things sure do move fast. Just a sample of things that I was a day late and a dollar short on:

Last Tuesday, I was somewhat disjointed, what started as a rant about the DNC's ravings and the USPS (not related) took a weird turn and went semi-reflective on 11 September, in a Lileks-esque way. I'm still puzzled.....
I completely missed the boat on billyjeff's heart condition; note to self: blog it today, not tomorrow.
Ivan poises to strike the Florida panhandle; give some blood, dammit. What I said a month ago still applies.....
Cripes, the "news cycle" sure has been sped up, and the New Media is and will be all the better for it. "Forgerygate" crossed my threshhold of consciousness on Friday morning; by the time I could sit down at the 'puter the issue had been beaten to death by the Blogosphere. Bonus random musings about campaign ads are included.

07 September 2004

Random thoughts from a random mind

I had to seriously sit and think about what day of the week it was. Right, the 'puter says Tuesay, but it's really Monday night. See how smart I be? Yet another post that I started two or three days ago, but events have conspired against me.
Jebeezus, where to start? There's so much out there to blog about. I'm brewing up a piece on billyjeff blythe's heart problems and the timing thereof; I've been reading the DemocraticUnderground for reference material, but it really makes my head hurt and I can only take it in small doses.....where do they get their polling numbers? Even the Blogging Ceasar (who I consider a pessimist) has a better grip on what's going on.
In case you haven't figured it out by now, Mark Steyn is a fookin' genius. Read him where-ever you can find him.
Damn shame about what those muslim extremeist did at that Russian school. I'm waiting for Putin to come to the WhiteHouse with his hat in hand to finally admit he was wrong and to discuss the plan of action (hint: it involves Lots.Of.Ordnance. Maybe we could work out some sort of lend-lease deal so that Putin would have the equipment to do it right.....funk that, we'll do it ourselves, just clear the airspace)
Kim duToit takes a good look at illegal immigration. An immigrant his own damn self, he's Spot.On. with his suggestions. Go read
So much to blog, so little time