29 March 2006

Wednesday Night

It's crazy out there

Caspar Weinberger died yesterday. He was 88. He should be remembered as a major player in bringing down the Iron Curtain and helping to end the Cold War.
This whole immigration thingy is really frosting my cookies. Listen, do what is practicable: amnesty, guest worker, whatever. One time. Then build two really big fcuking fences, closing the borders between the United States and Mexico and Canadia.
'Cause, like amnesty programs really work. Just like back in 1986.....
Appearantly, I'm the only one who's exercised over the minimum wage fiasco here in Michigan. I'll save my rant for a slow news week.
We'll have words again soon

26 March 2006

Sunday Night Mumblings

I've got lots of catching up to do

So anyway, the business trip was good. Got a lot accomplished, and drank my weight in alcohol. Which, if you've seen me lately, is no small feat.

If you find yourself having to go anywhere near Nashville, I highly recommend the Union Station Hotel. It's within walking distance of everything, and you could spend hours just taking in the history and the architecture of the building. And as an added bonus, the pub next door has a beer list sporting 209 different beers.
Yes, I'm still brewing on the whole minimum wage issue, but there are other things on the stove right now. I know, blog it while it's fresh. There's a lot of background that needs to be covered before I can actually get to my rant. Go read up, let me know when you're ready.
No, my thoughts of late have been occupied by a shopping list. Specifically, a list of things that I need to acquire in case the liberal leftards ever get hold of the reins of government again. I mean, extra ammo and small arms goes without saying; but what are the little things that one might need if you have to seriously bunker down for an election cycle? Just curious, that's all.
We'll have words soon. I should get some sleep.

21 March 2006

Update on the situation

'cause you're just dying to know
so anyway, I'll be travelling the rest of the week, to the happening destination of Smyrna, Tennessee. I'm all a-quiver with excitement.

Oh the joys of business travel: getting to where you're going an hour after you normally go to sleep to get up at ZeroDarkThirty for a 12-14 hour day to get up the next day at a Quarter to ZeroDarkThirty to catch a plane so you can go put eight hours in at the office. It's just like being on vacation!

I'm researching the backstory on the whole minimum wage thingy, and plan on ranting about same soon.....
.....or something. I don't know. The inmates are running the asylum lately. But you knew that

Finally, a "Censure" movement that I can agree with

Spot on

"Censure Jimmy Carter"

Do go read and sign. thatisall

20 March 2006

I am not pleased

pissed off, actually

So anyway, I exit the salt mine and jump into the Mighty Sports Wagon and hit the button for some straight-talkin' common sense, truth, justice, and the American Way! and what do I get?

It seems that the Einsteins running WAAM in the Peoples Republic of AnnArbor (aka Moscow on the Huron) have dumped the outrageously popular "On the Edge with Thayrone" for Doctor.Freakin'.Laura.

So instead of the coolest bumper music known to mankind, I get the Pointer Sisters. Instead of Thayrone shouting out the truth, I get "How do you feel about that?".

How do I feel about that? Let's just say that there are some radio executives in this town who need to have their collective asses whipped with a car antenna.

Sorry for the lack of linkage, bad dial-up tonight, plus it's late and I have to go back to the salt mine at Zero Dark Thirty. Just type "Thayrone" into AltaVista and you can have all the links you can eat.


18 March 2006


what he said
Al over at Cold Fury has summed up my position quite nicely, thus relieving me of the duty to post anything this evening. Thank you Mr.M. Be sure to read the comments, the "revising and extending" makes Al's points all the more gooder.
More soon.

16 March 2006

Am I the only one.....

.....who's having a serious WTF? moment here?

Nationally, the Stupid Party Congressional majority just blew right through the spending cap. What ever happened to fiscal responsibility, supposedly one of the planks of the Stupid Party's platform? Expect wall to wall coverage of this from the MSM.

Locally, the Stupid Party majority in the Michigan Congress just authorized a 44% increase in the minimum wage. Instead of getting off their collective asses and repealing the asinine Single Business Tax (aka the Reduction-in-Force Act, or the Lay-Off Act); these wankers have just doomed most of the small businesses in the state. Remind me to tell you more about both the minimum wage and the Single Business Tax later.

What is it with the Stupid Party these days? I mean, they've been acting weapons grade stupid of late.

I am so pissed off right now I can't even enjoy the fact that I'm actually blogging at 9:08 PM instead of my usual 11:48 PM.

More soon. Or maybe not, as I see that BlogSpot is funked out again tonight. They might as well replace the "Publish Post" with a "Poof Post" button.

Update: "Publish Post" went "Poof" as expected. doG, how I hate mailing it in....

11 March 2006

An Interesting Question

and the answer escapes me

A recent commenter to this humble experiment asked the question "what are White Castles?" in response to my long standing offer to Mark Steyn:
".....if you ever find yourself in SE Michigan, I'll buy you not one, but two 40 oz. quarts of your favorite beer and all the White Castles you can eat."
(I'm surprised that the "40 oz. quart" reference went unchallenged. It's one of my favorite oxymorons, better than "jumbo shrimp" or "responsible engineer". But I digress.....)

The easy answer is to just post the link to the White Castle Home Page and be done with it. But that doesn't quite capture the essence of the White Castle experience, nor is it a fair answer to our commenter. Think about it; think about an Austrailian trying to describe Vegemite to someone in Ohio. How does one explain White Castle to one of our British cousins?
Technically speaking, White Castles are small, square hamburgers, roughly 6 cm on each side in plan view. The meat is grilled on a bed of chopped onions, the resulting sandwich is deliciously greasy. The burgers sell for roughly $0.45 USD each, or a sack of ten for $4.50 USD (go figure).
I find it hard to believe that it is a coincidence that White Castle places it's franchises adjecent to bars pubs and in student ghettos, but that's probably just the cheap vodka speaking.
In short, I think we can surmise that the White Castle experience must be well, experienced, so to SDJ I extend the following offer: if you ever find yourself in SE Michigan, I'll buy you not one, but two 40 oz. quarts of your favorite beer and all the White Castles you can eat.

10 March 2006

I've fallen behind in my reading

and it shows

So anyway, I can't win. I post and I post and I post some more and not a single comment is made. But let me go three weeks without posting, and I've got people taking me to task for slacking off. Go figure.....

Sigh, where to start? Kirby Puckett, Don Knotts, Dennis Weaver, Dana Reeve, and the guy who wrote the original Seseme Street theme song have all passed since we spoke last.
The ports deal came and went, sort of. Lots was said about the situation (somewhere, Dr. Fred Svoboda cringes at my abuse of the language), from this seat it's looking like the current opinion is running towards the "damned if you do, damned if you don't" side of the channel. Go read Lileks for the level headed point of view. Just keep scrolling, it's all good.
There's lots more out there, but it's late again. Remind me to get righteously indignant about the wankers who seek to raise the minimum wage; I've got to put my economics hat on and do some serious thinking. Tomorrow.