31 August 2008

Too good to pass up

and I wasn't going to post tonight

so anyway, I got to the Blogging Bridge here at Case de Miguel later that usual tonight to do a cursory check of the e-mail(s), see what the cool kids were sayin', and to shut everything down.

Then, I saw this and I knew that I had to fire up the Blogger interface for a quick post. PW Pub's Dan Collins has done a superb "Weird Al" re-write on Procol Harum's classic Whiter Shade of Pale that is absolutely spot on. A "Whiter Shade of Palin", indeed.

Excerpt it, I cannot. No, it must be viewed in it's entirety, thall shalt clicketh. (I must be rusty in my KJV English. I thought "thall" was a real word; the spell-checker, not so much)

Dan has earned Supply Side Politics 2.0 highest award: Dan, if you ever find yourself in-betwixt Detroit (Rock City) and The Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor, I'll buy you not one, but two forty ounce quarts of you favorite beer and all the White Castles you can eat.


30 August 2008

Still waiting.....

....to see how McCain screws this up

so anyway, that's about as pessimistic as I get. I'm still very pleased with Sarah Palin as the VP. From what I've seen of the reacts from the left, with all the aimless flailing and random spittle-spewing, Palin was a good choice, indeed.

Overnight, the McCain+Palin campaign netted $7,000,000.00-ish (that's like SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS to those challenged by "math numbers") in new contributions. Via Ace:

Seven million since she was named VP candidate, as disgruntled Republicans find themselves pleasantly gruntled.
Elsewhere, Randy over at Cold Fury poses a serious question:
You want to know the richest part of this ticket? The smoothest, creamiest high calorie center ever to fill a political twinkie?
Yeah, you gotta go read to find out. He's right, BTW. The first president who doesn't look like the presidents featured on our currency will be a conservative.

Even I am getting negative comments and hate mail from yesterday's post: I suspect that "Anonymous" (if that is indeed their real name) is someone I know in real life. Just a hunch. I'm not going to "call him out" or any of that siht, or change the Supply Side Politics' commenting policy; but, Dude!, sign your name. Even if it's your nom de plom (doG, how I hate using french phrases).

Anyhoo, like I said long ago "check your facts, bring your data, and be prepared to lose"; (yeah, I know it was on another blog from another time, but it was me and the challenge still stands.)

The spell-checher doesn't speak french, either. I rest my case.

thatisall. More soon, to be sure

29 August 2008

VP nominee Sarah Palin

McCain chooses wisely

so anyway, John McCain left his stash of "weapons-grade" stupid back in Flagstaff and has actually picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. I've been doing the "happy dance" for about twelve hours now.

I got all freaked out last night when I learned that both Romney and Huckabee were going to be in Dayton today. Romney would be OK, Huckabee, not so much.

It's safe to assume that both ends (and the squishy middle) of the blogosphere are cranked up tonight. (This tidbit brought to you by the Department of "Duh".)

So, where to begin? As always, See Also: Blogroll. That said, here's a couple of things that have caught my eye since The Announcement:

Ace has been on f'n fire all day. Too many posts to link, just click and scroll, click and scroll.

Via Ace, we find Sarah Palin Facts, which is just too cool for school; imagine statements made about Governor Palin in the Bill Brasky(?) / Chuck Norris / Fred Thompson idiom. You know what I'm talking about.....

Mike and the Cold Fury crew are all over it, as well. Noel (despite his Stevie Nicks reference) is spot on in his post excerpting the Larry Kudlow interview with Governor Palin.

Emperor Misha I, our Liege and Master, has some opinions on the subject de'Palin. Who knew? The "money quote":

she’s the Anti-Obama bin Biden.
Go read the whole thing(s) (as in all of the above) and then come back and tell me that I'm wrong.


23 August 2008

News of the Day

there's a lot of it out there

so anyway, Senator Obama has picked Senator Biden (D-East Coast Liberal) as his running mate. I think DrewM., posting over at Ace's place summed it up best:

On behalf of Republicans and bloggers and co-bloggers everywhere, let me be the first to say...THANK YOU Barack!
The dextrosphere is positively glowing tonight. Ace of Spades is on f'n fire (click-n-scroll), Stephen "VodkaPundit" Green brings us the "The Other McCain's" excellent Gonzo-esque post, along with his Say It Ain't So post. Even Steve H. over at Hog on Ice weighs in politically and I'm glad he did.

See also: BlogRoll.

There's more out there, but it's late, and I'm tired.


16 August 2008


Another Milestone

so anyway, sometime in the past 24 hours, Supply Side Politics had recorded hit number 8000.

Thank you all, very much, for making this possible.