26 October 2013

Saturday Night Video

my current domestic situation...

so anyway, this:
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22 October 2013

Another Member of The Tribe

First Time Shooter Report

so anyway, back on Friday 11OCT13, a couple of colleagues and I went to the Island Lake Shooting Range to shoot the Sporting Clays range.  One of my colleagues was a mid-twenty-something young woman who had never fired a gun before.  (Yes, I know, taking a first time shooter to do sporting clays borders on cruel.  I didn't set it up, it just happened that way.  She's a Virginia Tech Engineering grad.  She dealt with it.)

On the first station, eight clays were presented.  She dusted the eighth, and was totally geeked.  By the fifteenth shot (out of 50), she was soliciting advice: what am I doing wrong? / why do you do that thing when you shoot? / can you see where my shots are going? / etc.

It was glorious.

We got "timed out" on the course and didn't get to shoot the last station.  The range staff came out and picked us up in a golf cart and carted us back up to the clubhouse.

We settled our bills (in compliance with my long-standing policy, I covered her range fees.  First time shooters shoot for free) and made our way out to the truck Fusion.

She was walking on sunshine.  About halfway back to the car, she turned to us and said "Next time, can we do rifles or pistols?"

Yes, Ma'am.  We can do both. All day.  

She has added pics of her shooting to her FaceSpace page; and has gone on about how many "Likes" she's received; and how she's told the "Dis-likes" to piss off.

We just added another member of The Tribe.  She's hooked.  I mentioned that Hello Kitty guns are available, she punched me in the chest.  (Again, Virginia Tech Engineering grad.  She holds her own)

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19 October 2013

Saturday Night Video

I'm so sorry...

so anyway, today's earworm was Willie Nelson's rendition of All of Me.

I'm sorry.
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16 October 2013

Bad Blogger

it's me, I draw the foul...

so anyway, real life has been pretty persistent at keeping me away from blogging lately.

It is a long story.  That you do not want to hear.

I may have to go back to the "old school" practice of keeping the blogging notes that I generate throughout the day on a flash drive, since I can't do DropBox on my work tube.

I know: First World Problems.  I shall strive to be a better blogger in the future.

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12 October 2013

Saturday Night Video

it always turns out good...

so anyway, I got to thinkin' about The Babies the other day, and ended up with this:
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08 October 2013

On this day...

an anniversary, of sorts

so anyway, twenty-one years ago today (tonight, actually, as I started on the afternoon shift) I began my "career" in The Stoopid Business™.

Over the past twenty-one years, I've had the following job titles:

Machine Operator
Quality Auditor
Service Accounts Supervisor
Cost Estimator
Applications Engineer
Cost Estimator
Project Engineer
Senior Product Engineer
Project Engineer
Senior Cost Estimator
Contract Cost Estimator
Total Quality and Cost Management Technologist
Contract Pricing Analyst
Financial Analyst
Cost Estimator.

The current job is the best of the bunch, despite the fact that I'm working for 80% of market value.  These days, you don't jeopardize the job you have for one that might pay you more.  The astute reader will note the five periods of unemployment.  It's the norm for The Stoopid Business™ these days.

I mowed a lot of lawns and did a lot of house painting during those times of (professional) unemployment.

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07 October 2013



"Until America is fixed, these rides will continue"

Fuckin' A Right

Elsewhere, Doug Ross has a round-up of the so-called "shut-down" images.

Ace (actual) gives us the down-low on this weekends' trucker protest on Capitol City.

Looks like we got us a convoy...

Since it was mentioned, here's the version of "Convoy" that Ace was looking for:

If you would prefer not to be squished by an eighteen-wheeler on Friday, open NotePad, type in "T2SDA" in like 72-font, print it out, and tape it to the back-lite on your car (that's your rear windshield, to the uninitiated)
Trust me...
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05 October 2013

Pictures, being worth a thousand words...

pure genius from Chris Muir...

so anyway, Chris Muir of Day By Day fame, has put it on a tee and whacked it smackly:

Obamaha Beach, indeed
Elsewhere, Obama was just warming up with the WWII memorial, now he's upped his game by several orders of magnitude shutting down the ocean. (H/T to Purple Avenger over at AoSHQ)

That's right, TFG has ordered that the fucking OCEAN be closed because of the Federal Government slowdown.  Wanker.

But that's still not all: TFG has barricaded the Iwo Jima monument and the Vietnam wall (monument).

As Ace said about the Iwo Jima issue: "They took the actual Iwo Jima. They're not going to have much of a problem with the Iwo Jima memorial."

I hope the so called "shutdown" goes on for weeks, if not months.  It shows TFG and his cronies for what they are, and the populace will not stand for it.  We've seen smatterings of civil dis-obedience over the past four or five days, I'm hoping it increases exponentially.

BOOM! goes the dynamite!  Fresh of tonight's ONT: The Rebel Alliance is on the move:

We live in interesting times.

more soon

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Saturday Night Video

listen to the words...

so anyway, I heard this the other day and it's been an ear-worm since.  You can never go wrong with Steely Dan
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