24 October 2004

The Great Saturday Evening Post

Bejezeesus, what a week. This once a week posting crap has got to stop.

As you have probably figured out by now, there's a lot on my mind. My apologies: untill I can get set up with a blog friendly 'puter in the evenings without Big Brother's watchfull eye hoarding over me, my blogging will be these rambling "brain dumps" on the weekends. So, in no particular order, here's this week's missives:
  • My in-laws went to see the mrs. john edwards rally, an event so underwhelming that none of the local "news" media even bothered to make mention of on their various web sites, in Dearborn, MI this afternoon. No details yet, but it proves the fact that they really really hate GWB so much that they'd stand in 50ยบ rain for three and a half hours to hear the wife of a VP candidate who speaks with the dead and "channels" the unborn. (The VP candidate is the "seer", not his wife; I'm not read up on her bio at this time.) Yes, I'm being catty, but has elizibeth edwards ever had a real job?
  • Every time mrs.john fookin' kerry speaks, I get a chuckle. This week, she went off on mrs.GWB, and in teresa's usual idiom, she once again proved herself to be a total ass-hat.
  • The MSM let the Mary Cheney issue go by the way-side this past week, probably sensing that running with the story would do more harn than good to the kerry campaign
  • What the hell is Condi Rice up to? Seriously, somebody loan me a clue. I turn on the MSM Audio/Visual input (that's a TV to those of you in Ypsilanti, MI) and one of the Clinton News Networks is running some B&M (Bitch & Moan, do I have to explain everything to you people?) piece about "Condi Goes Too Far". Just what did our 44th President (oops, I just let the VRWC cat out of the bag) do or say recently to merit such derision fron the left? I'm serious. What happened? I'm too time constrained and too tired to properly Google it all out.

I think I had several other thoughts from the past week, but the rum has taken hold and now I'm looking at a 204 key keyboard. More manana, when I promise to be at least half as sober as I am now.....no, wait, nevermind, you know what I mean.....


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