21 October 2004

I got your October surprise right here

I really shouldn't be poli-blogging from my desk during my second week on the job, but this could not wait until the weekend.
I heard this story (and the audio) on Hugh Hewitt last night and was just flabbergasted. Just exactly how far out of touch with the American people is this knob kerry? Sure you could explain a lot of it away as campaign posturing, but Bezeejus he said this in 1994!!!
I got your October surprise right here. The big surprise is that by the end of October, every rational citizen of this country and about two-thirds of the democrats will be so sick of john fookin' kerry that he'll not even have a glimmer of hope of not getting blown out at the polls.
Keep talking, john john and company: you're losing by almost double digits now, keep talking and lets see if we can get the polls up to about 70/30 for GWB by the end of the month.
More later when I can blog more freely. A swag of the sombrero to Stephen Green and his excellent blog.


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