31 October 2004

Saturday Night's Alright For Bloggin'

Ah yes, here we are again. Late Saturday night with a week's worth of pent up rantings and ravings and no way to get to them all coherently before the alcohol sets in. If only I could type faster.....
Anyway, again in no particular order, here's what pushed my buttons this past week and points I feel need to be made:
  • GWB will win the election this coming Tuesday, by a comfortably margin. I'm not prepared to say "landslide" or "double digits" (well, maybe / probably double digits) or "mandate"; but the win will be definative enough that most rational people will move on. Sure, there will be cries of foul and some lawsuits and a voracious replay of what this Nation endured last time when algore tried to steal the election, but at the end of the day, the logic of "if it ain't close, they can't cheat" will hold sway. More on this later.
  • Lemme see if I have this straight: the IAEA, a unit of the UN, announces to the world that 380 tons of high explosives has suddenly gone missing in Iraq, alledgedly on GWB's watch. Then it's revealed that no-one has seen this stuff since prior to April 2003 and maybe it's only 3 tons or so but it's still GWB's fault!!! Then the guy who's boots were in the actual dirt comes forward and says it wasn't there when his unit got to town and even NB-freakin-C debunks the story, but the j f'n kerry campaign still ran with it as late as Friday afternoon? What part of "nothing to see here, move along" did I miss?
  • bin Laden says he did it but it wasn't his fault and that blood will run in the streets and the wailing and gnashing of teeth will drone out the sound of enimens video and we only have ourselves to blame for our troubles (and the joooos, of course. Mustn't forget the joooos). Yeah, and purple flaming pigs in tuxedos may just fly out of my ass to the tune of Bach's "Little Fugue in G". There's a whole lot of severe misunderestimating going on here on bin Laden's part. He can go on quoting F9/11 (verbatim, I'm told) all he wants if he thinks it "plays" or "resonates", but I think we're at the point where any major attack on our Nation's soil will result in large areas of bin Laden's "nation" being reduced to gigantic sheets of glass by a judicious application of thermonukular munitions. The stakes are too high to throw down a glove and say "Bring it, bitch"; it would be irresponsible on my part to say such a thing. Somebody needs to lend bin Laden a clue, and fast.
  • The Missus has a friend who is a fairly nice person, albiet dumb as a sack of hammers. As my uncle used to say, she's "dumber than homemade shit". She's taken to neglecting her family to devote her time volunteering for the kerry campaign. Whatever. I had the misfortune of answering the phone and spoke with her briefly this afternoon. She (as usual) had some disparaging remarks about GWB. I dismissed the remarks in good humor, politely saying that her horse was going to lose the race come Tuesday. It was like I lit a fuse. She went into moonbat overdrive, screaming about how it's "all already rigged for GWB to get elected" and how "GWB was behind the terrorist threats so he could declare martial law and suspend the elections" and 380 tons of other incoherent crap. My response? "Honey, the phone's for you....."
  • The left knows that they will lose on Tuesday, and they've been baking up excuses for months now. There is someone very dear to me who, in September, booked a flight to Florida for 3 November 2004 to protest the outcome of the election. My response at the time was "Dude, WTF?" "Oh, you know it's all rigged, I'm going down there to help stop (GWB) from getting away with it" he said. Maybe they're putting something in the water, or the tinfoil isn't thick enough.....
  • Is arafat dead yet? I moved the champaign from the bucket back into the ice-box, but it's still cold and ready at a moment's notice.
  • I thought Cuba was stumbling toward freedom, but that old bastard castro is still hanging on.
  • Maybe algore will just stay in Hawaii. Wouldn't that be nice?

Why does it get so late so early? More later. Go vote your convictions on Tuesday, and brace yourselves for the outcome.


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