07 November 2004

Another Saturday Night.....

Welcome back, amigos. Yet another monumental week goes into the books. Our thoughts and well wishes go out to Elizibeth Edwards, and we hope for her a speedy and complete recovery.

Programming notes: I've made little progress in getting the old 'puter up and running, I'm still searching for a keyboard for the old beast. If you've got a functional keyboard for a 1995 vintage 486SX100 box that you would feel free to part with, please let me know. Once I get the old box functional, the plan is to blog off-line in the evenings and up-load the post(s) at work during lunch-time.

So again, I'll run through a week's worth of emotion / insight / hysterical rantings in no particular order:
  • I'm striving to be very gracious about the big win(s) Tuesday last. I had a very odd Election Eve.....I was completely wiped out, fighting off some bug, so I semi-slept in front of the TV all evening. I'd wake up enough to see what was going on, then I'd lapse back into sleep. Finally called it a night around 3:40 AM Wednesday: saw that it was running 242-211 EV for GWB. Coverage observations? 1.) Judy Woodruff looked like she had just found her cat dead on the kitchen floor shortly after the polls closed in Ohio, CNN took way to long to face the fact that GWB had won Ohio 2.) Wolf Blitzer appearantly stayed sober all evening, but I can't qualify myself as an expert on sobriety 3.) the Dan Rather election coverage euphamisms montage that the evil VRWC talk radio people (I wonder if Hewitt or Gallagher have it linked on their blogs?) are running is absolutely hysterical. I hear that Letterman put it together originally
  • Would arafat just die, already? Bejeezus, everyone and their cousin knows that he has assumed room temperature and has ceased to be and is an ex-terrorist. Let him go. I got righteously pissed off late in the week when I read some Reuters piece about how some Arab cleric was complaining about how disgraceful it was that there had been some celebrations amongst Israelis on news of arafat's demise. Check me if I wrong, but didn't we see Arabs celebrating in the streets and hanging the burnt corpses of American (civilian) contractors from an overpass in some city in Iraq? Wasn't it Fallujah? The Israeli's are right to celebrate and deserve to do so. arafat has been a needless thorn in Israel's ass for longer than any of us can remember; his death is indeed cause for celebration. I just hope the Israeli's make full advantage of the "power vacuum" within the PLO; go ahead, we've got enough assets in theater to cover their six.
  • michael moore is a disgusting pig who hates this country. One of these days, I need to post my "official" position on moore; it goes back to the early 1980's, a very long time before he gained national attention.
  • Hopefully, by the time you read this at work on Monday, the city in Iraq once known as Fallujah will be just another smoldering crater in the desert. We should have MOAB'd that shit-hole in March. It goes back to the old adage that ".....there are very few problems in life that cannot be corrected by a judicious application of high explosives".
  • All this "the Right needs to reach out to the rest of the country" is just complete and total crap. Usually, the onus for "reaching out" is on those responsible for all the division and ranchor. Therefore I hereby call for the liberal leftists democrat moonbat types to come up to the Big House with their hat in hand and offer their apologies and ask what they can do to make it all better. Trust me, we'll accept the olive branch graciously. As Judge Smails once said, "We're waiting. Come on, while we're young!"

I really thought I had more to say, but it's late and I'm tired.


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