30 December 2006

Thank You

from the staff of Supply Side Politics

Sometime in the last 24 hours, our hit counter rolled over the 4500 hit mark. A sincere thank you to everyone who has been along for the ride.

The video you've been waiting for

that didn't take long

so anyway, Ace has the link to the saddam execution video. Obviously, if you're easily disturbed by this kind of thing, you should go find some catblogging and have a nice cup of tea.
It's really bad video, clearly a bootleg by an un-authorized camera. One of the comments at the video site was something to the effect of "...that guy is worse with a camcorder than my wife..."
Yet another of the Universal Truths. There's a reason why Dad is never seen in the home movies. But I digress.....

27 December 2006

President Gerald R. Ford

Rest in Peace

President Gerald R. Ford, 38th President of the United States of America, died today in Palm Desert, California. He was 93.

Links from my crappy ISP's "news" feeder are here and here. There are better links out there; you obviously have a computer and internet access, go find them yourself.
After all, you know that I'm a firm believer in the old "give a man a fish/teach a man to fish" paradigm
What little media that I've ingested on President Ford's passing has been fairly positive: He was a good man, a patriot who wanted what was best for the country. A decent man, who put his country first and foremost.
Hence, the Pardon. 11 September 1974.
Anybody want to make book on how long the leftards take to note the date? I thought not.
Even though I'm on holiday, it is rather late. We'll have words again soon.

23 December 2006

And you wonder

why I prefer the .357 over the 9mm euro-pellet
A 9mm bullet, I might add. It's sad when an experienced shooter scores a 10+ but doesn't get to count it. A CBM (Center of Body Mass) shot is good; but a head shot between the eyes is all the better. To have that shot lodge itself in the "soft, fatty tissue" of the goblin's forehead is just wrong. Perhaps Mr.Olive will stop carrying his "target" pistol in favor of something more practicable.
That's why I like the .357. Sure, it's a wheel-gun round, but it gets the job done. With the .357 round, I can do a double bank shot off the engine block of a 1967 Chrysler and a brick wall and still make the goblin's head explode.
It's about results, not capacity.
h/t to Ace for the story. Thanks to Kim for the "goblin" term, which is seared seared into my memory.

19 December 2006

Important Things

are in the details

so anyway, I had originally set out tonight to blog all things great and small, but time does indeed fade away and now it's too late to do it justice. I'll point you to a couple of things that you should know and call it a night.

Item The First: A couple of days ago, I learned that our old friend Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame is gravely ill. Do go read and wish him the best on his recovery.
Item The Second: via Steve H. Graham over at Hog on Ice, a link to an outstanding Christmas poem that only the brain-dead will not find touching. Thanks, Ernie.
Only three more wake-ups until the break. thatisall

13 December 2006

Wednesday Night Speculation

because I'm sure you're curious

so anyway, whilst taking the garbage out to the curb in front of the fabulous Casa de Miguel compound this evening, my thoughts kept wandering towards fidel castro being dead.

It's funny how it happens like that, my thoughts are remarkably random, yet every time I take out the garbage I envision a dead communist dictator in a box being (literally) pissed on by the former proletariat. Much celebrating follows.

Funny how that works. But I digress.....

Personally, I think castro has been dead for two weeks now and raul is just crapping himself over how to break the news to the world.

Val Prieto is keeping a keen eye on the situation, and offers this primer on what we can expect once fidel is officially pronounced an ex-communist; once it is declared that he has ceased to be, he's joined the Choir Fantastic, he's pushin' up daisies, he's assumed room temperature, etc. You get the general drift.

In other news; I wonder how Lileks is going to square with Target doing this? See Pale. See also: Pale, Beyond The. I agree with Lileks' stance regarding Target on the (most annoying) Salvation Army bell-ringers from Christmas Past, but Target "Che" merchandise?

I still like Steve H Graham's "che-burger" idea. Che burger, Che burger. You know that you're old enough to remember the SNL skits, put two and two together and you've got funny.

See what I was telling you about random thoughts?

Tonight's link to Babalublog came courtesy of Cap't Jim at Smoke on the Water.

Since I've already violated both my "get enough sleep" and "don't drink to much" edicts this evening, I should probably sign off now. We'll have words soon

12 December 2006

Monday night posing as a Saturday night

guess who's got tomorrow off?

so anyway, 'tis the season, and all that crap.

Mark Steyn is spot on, per his usual, in his recent National Review piece. “90% of the time he’s Tony Blair with a ranch” Indeed. Do go read.

Even though the dreaded alarm is set to 7:00 AM instead of the usual 5:00 AM, I really should pull the plug and go to bed. More soon.

09 December 2006

A Milestone


so anyway, sometime this evening our hit counter surpassed the 4400 mark.

Thank you very much to those who have been following along. I really do appreciate it. Every hit that I can't attribute to me or my mom really warms my heart.

There's news out there, things to discuss. I just wish I had the time.

Late again. You know the drill.....