31 May 2011

It's not the first time in my life....

.....I'm proud to be a Texan everyday

so anyway, via Disrupt the Narritive, we get this good news:

"The Texas Legislature took it to the Trial Lawyers in their current session by passing ‘Loser Pays’ legislation, which means that if a class action, medical malpractice or product liability lawsuit is without grounds, the plaintiff pays not only his court costs, but the defense court costs and all legal fees, as well."
Bravo! It's about time.

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23 May 2011

The Hermanator declares

I'm in

so anyway, On Saturday, Herman Cain made his formal Presidential campaign announcement:

(h/t to the irreplaceable InstaPunk for the vid.)

Speaking of InstaPunk, he has an excellent post today about Cain's potential as a candidate. His introductory quote:

However, I can also foresee a set of circumstances -- "What ifs," if you will -- that could make Cain a surprisingly strong candidate in both the Republican primaries and the general election.
InstaPunk lays out quite a primer on Herman Cain's background and accomplishments. I'd excerpt more, but I'd end up cutting and pasting the whole thing. Do go read the whole thing forthwith.

I'll leave you with part of the conclusion:
In case you hadn't figured it out, I'm rooting for him. (I confidently expect that by nine a.m. this morning he knew more about the Right of Return {made up lefty issue that will never get any traction in negotiations} than I ever knew.) He's the most conservative candidate in the race. And maybe, just maybe, the one who has the best chance of winning on the issues.

Can't get excited about ciphers like Romney and Pawlenty. And who else is left?

Maybe the longshot is our only shot. You tell me. But imagine the final What if:
(emphasis mine)

Like I said, you must read the whole thing.

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22 May 2011

Thought for the day

bumper stickers should be issued

"Are you better off today than you were four trillion dollars ago?"


19 May 2011

Raising Cain

the first of many

so anyway, the astute reader has noticed that I've added some Cain 2012 ads to the sidebar and footer. I've decided to "declare early" and from what I've seen from the presumptive candidates, Herman Cain has got it going on.

I could go on for a couple of thousand words about the rest of the field, but that will have to wait for another time. Suffice it to say, I was extremely relieved when Fcukabee took a powder (don't get me started).

more soon

18 May 2011

Another Supply Side Politics 2.0 Milestone

Thank you very much

so anyway, shortly after 5:00 PM Eastern today, Supply Side Politics 2.0 celebrated our 15,000th hit. The referring URL for the milestone hit was Ragin' Dave's Peace or Freedom (formerly Four Right Wing Wackos).

Thank you for your continued patronage, I really appreciate your support.



16 May 2011

A Simple Truth

to bad it's too long for a bumper sticker....

so anyway, InstaPunk (actual) has a really good post up about a simple truth:

Raising tax rates does not automatically increase tax revenue,
whereas cutting federal spending always decreases the deficit.

Do go read the whole thing.

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10 May 2011

Osama bin Laden burial at sea pictures

you knew they'd come out eventually

so anyway, a picture of Osama bin Laden's burial at sea has been leaked. McQ has the pic over at BlackFive.

Like I said last Wednesday, there's still no proof that Osama bin Laden was buried at sea with his head still attached. I'm just sayin'.....

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04 May 2011

Osama bin Laden pictures

Osama bin Laden pictures are all the rage with the cool kids

so anyway, as soon as I heard that the Obama administration opted not to release the Osama bin Laden pictures, I knew exactly when the Osama corpse pictures would be released: 28 October 2012.

In other Osama bin Laden picture news, a lot of people on the inter-tube net-web thingie are upset about Osama bin Laden's burial at sea. All you hear about is how Osama bin Laden's body was washed; how Osama bin Laden's body was wrapped in a clean white sheet, how Osama bin Laden's body was placed in a weighted bag, and how Osama bin Laden's body was slipped over the side of the USS Carl Vinson.....

Osama bin Laden's body this, Osama bin Laden's body that....relax, people. You'll notice that they never mention his head....

I'll be here all week. Try the veal, and don't forget to tip your waitress

Serial Tagger

Yes, I am enjoying this whole "activism" thingie

Sam's Club, again. Pump #1 this time. As an added bonus, you can almost read the text on the sticker.

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02 May 2011

Osama bin Laden has Assumed Room Temperature

I'm sure you've heard by now

(h/t to Mike of Cold Fury fame for the most excellent pic).

I had intended to rant on the topic, but it's gotten late early again. We'll have words again soon, I'm sure.