29 January 2013

Best City Council Meeting EVAH!

We need more of this kind of thing to happen...and soon

so anyway, SSP2.0 reader (and friend IRL) NEO*, e-mails the "feel good" vid of the week:

As NEO* put it:

"...9 minute video - long story short, after a disabled vet addresses city council regarding firearms and, after being asked, admits he is indeed carrying a concealed weapon one councilman tries to have him removed -motion defeated - said councilman storms off in a hissy fit and then mayor lectures the other weenie who voted yes on the motion to remove armed individual on their oath to uphold the Constitution.Good video!..."
And now for the show:
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21 January 2013

Firearm Appreciation Day

which, for me, is any day that ends in "y"...*

so anyway, Saturday was "Firearm Appreciation Day", a day were those of us who understand the intent and importance of the 2nd Amendment where to support the people of the gun: firing ranges, gun shops, etc. Like "Chic-Fil-A Appreciation Day", without the calories.

I did my "cash money" Firearm Appreciation Day on Friday, spending damn near $100 on ammo, range time, and gun accessories (in that order).  Had the wankers at the County Clerk's office been open, I would have spent twice that amount, plunking down $105 to apply for a carry permit, then to be sent to the County Sheriff's office to be fingerprinted like a common criminal.  I'll forego the 11,000 word rant on how much it pisses me off the have to petition the County, pay monies, and be treated like a common criminal just to exercise my Constitutionally guaranteed Right.

A few observations from my personal "Firearm Appreciation Day":

First, at the range: despite shooting like a spastic retard on meth, I had a grand time.  Recoil Therapy is good for the soul.  Upon exiting the airlock, I was pleasantly surprised to see the store packed with people.  I smiled.  There were a couple of collections of college-age guys, with what had to be their Mom; a "Starbucks barista" looking chick, shop rats (this is the greater Detroit Rock City area, after all), senior citizens, and kids that looked (to me) to be too young to vote.  All clamoring for range time, all hail fellows well met (and I mean that in the most appreciative way, not the wikipedia way).  I walked right onto the range at 1:00 PM, when I checked out they were telling people there was a 90 minute wait for a lane (and they have eight lanes).

Second, at Cabela's:  here it was, 3-ish on a normal Friday afternoon, and they were lined up two and three deep at the firearms counters.  I saw a couple who looked to be in their early forties, buying "his & hers" Remington 870 shotguns.  In fact, there were numerous couples trying to find a firearm that they both would be comfortable  with.  Lurking amongst the crowd, four or five times I heard someone say something to the effect of "I've never owned a gun before" or "This will be my first gun" or something similar.  These phrases were almost invariably followed by something to the effect of "...but I need one now..." or "...but now it's time..."

People are waking up.  It's about goddamn time.

more soon

*I stole that line from Andy over at AoSHQ

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18 January 2013

A Semi-Productive Day

I blame bureaucrats for the day not being completely productive...

so anyway, the best laid plans often are laid to waste.  My trip into The Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor was less than successful, as in "FAIL".  I arrived at the County Clerk's office to find them closed; "furloughed" on Friday 18JAN13.  Which really pissed me off, because I had called the Clerk's office at 4:30 on Thursday afternoon and announced my intention of visiting them and what I needed to accomplish ON FRIDAY!!  "See you on tomorrow" the clerkette said on the phone.  Wankers.  Like she didn't know she was thirty minutes away from the start of a four day weekend....

So now I have to weasel more time off work to take care of my business with the County.  So that I can "legally" exercise my Constitutional Right, a Right that I shouldn't need anyone's permission to exercise in the first place.  Don't get me started...

The time spent at the range was most excellent.  I'm not posting any targets or anything, but I shot better than the last time.  I kinda "mis-timed" my meals for the day; I got to the range all amped up on coffee and I was a little shaky, not quite to the "spastic retard on meth" level, but close.  Still, I kept it mostly in the 8-ring.  Mostly...

The good news is that my homemade ramp job on my 9mm was successful and it will now feed JHPs.  Still had a couple of instances of "apply booger-hook to the bang-switch / click no bang" problem, so I'll be disassembling the hammer assembly soon.  I also pushed a bunch of .38+P through my .357.  Good Times.

Then it was off to Cabela's to acquire the aforementioned fleece vest for the office.  I also picked up a Houge HandAll grip for the M213.  Installing the Houge grip this evening has been problematic....just look at the exploded view...

All in all, it was a Good Day.

more soon

17 January 2013

Michael's Day Off

this is gonna be sweet...

so anyway, I decided at the last minute to take tomorrow off.  I have some "carry over" 2012 vacation days that I need to use in the first quarter, and The.Greatest.Boss.EVAH. said "Go for it!"

The plan is  like this:  up at zero dawn thirty (as per the usual); do the usual morning routine then drive to the nearest "Park and Ride" lot and take a two hour nap.  Next, drive into The Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor and find somewhere to park close to the County offices.

Why am I burning a vacation day to go to the County Clerks office?  Shut up, that's why.  The real reason is that I've jumped through all the hoops and can apply for my concealed carry permit.

From the County Clerks office, I'll travel across-town to the Sheriff's Office to be finger-printed (like a common criminal; don't get me started)

Then, it's off to the range, where I'll convert money into smoke and noise, and have only pieces of paper  with .357" or .356" holes in them to prove it.

After all that, it gets kinda boring, as I'll head down to Cabelas for a fleece vest ('cause it's damn cold in the office).

Tallying up the time spent, I may have to add another two hour nap at an undisclosed location...

more soon

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15 January 2013

I Have a Plan

I am so buying a lottery ticket tonight....

so anyway, via Mike of Cold Fury fame, I learn of The Citadel:

"The Citadel is not your typical planned community where the developer's objective is selling cookie-cutter homes at the highest possible profit-margin.
The Citadel is not profit-driven. The Citadel is Liberty-driven: specifically Thomas Jefferson's Rightful Liberty.
 Marxists, Socialists, Liberals and Establishment Republicans will likely find that life in our community is incompatible with their existing ideology and preferred lifestyles..."
I think we'll see more of this kind of thing in the coming years...

more soon

12 January 2013

Preparations for the coming Zombie Apocalypse

I can check another item off the list...

so anyway, I "test drove" my "carry rig" around the house today and it was simply fabulous.

The sweet little "slide" holster can be found here.

I wore the rig all day around the house, and went about my regular Saturday routine.  Very comfortable; the holster is very versatile: inside the waistband, outside the waistband, right hand, left hand, and small of the back.  It was so comfortable that I almost forgot to lock it back up when I went to Walmart.  I grabbed the list and was off to the store, and it was only when I got into the car that I realized that I was carrying.  I can't wait for the day that the County issues my CPL.  First place I'm going to carry?  Whole Foods (but that's a different post for a different time).

I chose to test drive it around the house as the acid test of being able to keep it concealed all day.  You see, here at Casa de Miguel, I am constantly subjected to an excruciating level of pedantic nit-picking and scrutiny in everything I do.  Had The.Oh.So.Progressive.Missus™ or any of the kids spotted it, The.Oh.So.Progressive.Missus™'s epic meltdown would have been visible from space.

Serious You Guys, as soon as That Fuckin' Guy issues the Executive Order banning the People having guns, The.Oh.So.Progressive.Missus™ will be on the phone to the local police department demanding that they come pick them up.  There's a reason that I keep the various iron locked up in very in-accessible places.

more soon

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09 January 2013


as the progtards see it...

so anyway, this:

Molan Labe

more soon

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08 January 2013

The odds are short

fukcing wankers

so anyway, back on 17NOV12, I wondered out loud:

so anyway, do you think the progtards will start their efforts to repeal the 22nd Amendment before the 2014 mid-terms or after? 
'cause it's not a question of "if"
Those of you who chose "before the 2014 mid-terms" are the winners.  Feast you eyes:
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.
Introduced on Friday 04JAN13.

h/t RSM

more soon



so anyway, this:
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07 January 2013

Come to the dark side

it's easy...

so anyway, this:

via Ragin' Dave, originally from The Peoples Cube

more soon

06 January 2013

The times, they are a'changing

more and more people are "getting it" every day

so anyway, on my way home from my Sunday errands, I stopped by my regular "licka stow" (h/t James Lileks, it's an obscure reference to a Prince movie that has always cracked me up).

The clerk-guy was finishing up his smoke outside when I pulled in, he ducked back inside as I exited the Mighty Fusion Commuter-mobile and had my usual order sitting at the register when I walked in.

"Is that gonna do it, today?" he asked.

"I'm afraid not" I replied, "Today is different.  I'm from the Government, and I'm here to confiscate any and all firearms on the premises."

He blinked twice, then smiled.  "If I thought you were serious, I would have shot you dead." (Like I said, I'm a regular at this particular licka stow; they know me.  Otherwise, I'd be dead now.)

"That's all I need to know" I said, then we had a good laugh and then talked for a bit.  He had much to say about the current Administration and the pending abridgment of our 2A Rights,  Keep in mind that this conversation occurred just outside the wire of The Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor.

People are (finally) waking up.  About goddamn time.

more soon

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04 January 2013

Best quote I've read all year

so far....

so anyway, this will end up on the sidebar soon:

"An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it." - Jeff Cooper
True, that.

In other news, the 9mm 115gr. JHPs that I bought the other day at Walmart will not dry cycle in my (currently inop) Chinese copy of a Soviet design (that the Soviets ripped off from John Moses Browning, PBUH).  That little Chi-Com fucker has never liked anything but FMJ or ball; I'll take the Dremel™ tool and polish up the ramp this weekend to see if  I can make the Norinco Tokarev M213 (doesn't that just scream quality?) eat what I feed it.

more soon

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