30 March 2013

Whittle on Immigration

Mr.Virtual President holds a Town Hall meeting...

so anyway, this
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28 March 2013

Me and my big mouth

I done put my foot in it again...

so anyway, leaving the office this afternoon, I called home to tell them I was on my way and to see what I had to stop and pick up on my way home.

"Is something wrong?" The.Oh.So.Progressive.Missus™ asked.

I replied "No, it's all good."

"It's only 4:35 PM.  How can you be leaving now?"  ( I rarely leave the office before 5:30 PM, usually it's closer to 6:00 or after.)

I explained that the CFO came downstairs and bid us all a pleasant Easter weekend and said we could all go home.  There was a long pause, then The.Oh.So.Progressive.Missus™ said "I didn't know you had tomorrow off."

[Insert Homer Simpson "Doh" sound effect here]*

It was then that I realized that I had just pissed away an opportunity for another Michael's Most Excellent Day.  One of those rare occasions where I get a day off for myself; such days usually include a trip to the range, a long nap, a trip to Cabela's or some other cool-assed place that I can never justify the time or the drive to visit.  All gone, dammit.

The icing on the cake is that The.Missus™ has a track record for making three-day weekends feel like six days in Hell.  The saving grace this time is that she hasn't had all week to scheme up ways to fuck up the long weekend.

And you people wonder why I drink.....

more soon

*I am not a fan of The Simpsons, it's just a reference that most people understand.  I've never cared for always hated Matt Groening's work, going back to the Life in Hell days.  It's just me; Groening's work has proved popular over time.

27 March 2013

Crowdsourcing the details

what could possibly go wrong?

so anyway, I need your advice / opinion on something:  I've been asked to sign a petition.  The petition in on an issue that I support (short version: it lets parents, not the school district decide if their twins are in the same class at school, or not), but the petitioning mechanism is an off-shoot of MoveOn.org (no link for progressives socialists).

The petition can be found here.

So, here's my conundrum:  I agree with what is being petitioned for, I disagree with and do not want anything to do with MoveOn.org or any of their affiliates.

I'm catching eleven different levels of shit from the family for not having signed the petition yet.  I could dummy-up an e-mail address and just do it, but it's the principle of the thing.

On one hand, the State legislature is mostly Republican; I gotta believe that any petition from MoveOn.org would be dead on arrival.  On the other hand, it's a good idea that needs to be acted on.

Your thoughts?


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25 March 2013

By popular demand: A re-post for fellow morons

so anyway...

OK, you people, the devastatingly cute poodle vid is here


24 March 2013

WOOT! doesn't even begin to cover it

I'm finally LEGAL...

so anyway, as of about 3:30 this afternoon, I can legally carry a concealed firearm.

Slightly redacted

I stopped in to the Post Office to check my mail whilst running errands this afternoon, and found a letter from the County Clerk in my mail.  My heart sank, I had just dropped the application and was fingerprinted like a common criminal on 04MAR13, they told me at the time that it would be the end of April "before a decision was made".  Receiving something from the County Clerk's office in less than three weeks was shocking and spoke of pending doom.

I cut open the envelope to find a single sheet of paper and (surprisingly) a card.  The card was my CPL ID card, pictured (albeit redacted) above.  The letter from the Clerk was basically "here it is, you're good to go, let us know if anything is incorrect".

So, kudos to the Washtenaw County Clerk's Office for under-promising and over-delivering.  I had dread fears of applying for a CPL in The Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor*, and expected a flaming metric ass-ton of grief over petitioning the local government to exercise my fundamental human right of bearing arms.

I've coveted this for decades.  I'm finally legal.

more soon

*I do not live in The Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor, I'm just outside the wire.  The Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor is the County seat.

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21 March 2013


has got it goin' on...

so anyway, listen to this: Observations, The Podcast of the Q&O Online Magazine.  They talk  capitalism and it's good.

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17 March 2013

Ace gets proper recognition

CPAC Blog of the Year....

so anyway, Ace of Spades HQ was honored with the "2013 CPAC Blog of the Year" title the other day:

Congratulations, Ace.  You deserve more recognition like this.

We first heard the news with Drew's announcement, then LauraW posted the text of the acceptance speech, as delivered by Gabriel Malor:
"Gabriel Malor is an asshole. He jumped ship to the New York Daily News without ever acknowledging that I am his intellectual and philosophical father, and that I made him, as a baker would make a loaf of Ungrateful Bread.
I have chosen him to accept this award on my behalf out of spite.
Thank you, John, and anyone else for this award. I appreciate it. It is a validation that I, and not the human ventriloquist doll reading this statement, am a true force in the online media.
Thank you again, and please makes sure that that your thunderous applause is directed solely towards me and not this sad puppet that stands before you in all his shame."
So, I'm thinkin' that LauraW is zoomin' us, amiright?
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12 March 2013

The Virtual SotU continues

in other words, MOAR Whittle...

so anyway, Bill Whittle continues the virtual State of The Union address:
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09 March 2013

Shocked, but not really surprised

it's an odd combination...

so anyway, I was in the local Walmart this afternoon, and per my usual, I went straight to the ammo aisle and found this:

Completely empty ammo case, Walmart, Saline, Michigan
Completely bare shelves.  To the left of the case is where they display the shot shells, they're mostly gone as well.

I struck up a conversation with an older gent (I'm 50, so "older" to me is mid to late sixties) about the lack of available ammo.  It was almost like he'd been reading Supply Side Politics 2.0.  He went on about how he wasn't going to the range because he wasn't sure he could replace the ammo.

As we were talking, another older gent (see definition above) walked up and shook his head at the empty ammo case.  He joined right into the conversation, leading off with something about the "Government buying up all the ammo".  We were having a regular Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (of three) when the Walmart guy came down the aisle.  The three of us starting peppering him with questions, most of which started with "What The Fuck..."

As it turns out, the glass door on the ammo case broke and they had no way to secure the ammo, so they moved what little there was to the back room.  Not that they had much ammo to begin with, but there you are.  Look at the (admittedly bad cell-phone) picture again:  there's no glass on the left had side of the right hand side of the case (Read that again..slowly.  It actually does make sense).

Whilst I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm a firm believer in the James Bond Goldfinger line of "...once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times it's enemy action...".  If any of you out there across these fruited plains sees or hears of ammo being pulled because of a "broken ammo case" please let me know by posting a comment on any post here at Supply Side Politics 2.0.

more soon

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06 March 2013

Connecting the dots

it's quite simple, really...

so anyway, watch this:
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05 March 2013

The air breathes a little cleaner tonight

Hugo Chavez has assumed room temperature...

so anyway, Venezuela's "El Presidente For Life" got his ass term-limited today.  Good riddance.  I wish a bright future for Venezuala; hopefully their good people will see the light and mark Chavez's passing by turning away from the path of communism.  I'm not holdin' my breathe, or anything, just hopin'.

The snark of the day comes from The Daily Caller:

The Daily Caller (it didn't say who, I suspect Jim Treacher) had this to say:

As Ace (actual) said: "Funny, because it's true" 

more soon

04 March 2013

Activity and Accomplishment

Today I had both...

so anyway, I used up another of my 2012 carry-over vacation days today and took care of my CPL business with the County.  You'll remember, the last time I made the attempt, things did not go as planned.

To be honest, I expected a cold welcome at the County Clerk's office in the Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor.  I was pleasantly surprised with how the clerkette handled the transaction; she was professional and actually pleasant about the matter at hand.  Ten minutes and $105 later, I was on my way.

A note on my time spent at the County Clerk's office: the guy in front of my was applying for a concealed carry permit.  The guy behind me was, too. Read on.

So, I was then off to the Washtenaw County Sheriff Department, to be finger-printed like a common criminal.  I was fifth in line.  Of the four in front of me, three were there to be finger-printed (like a common criminal) for a Concealed Pistol Licence.  The other one was there to pay off an eight-year old traffic citation (guess who took the most time?).

I washed my hands as instructed and took a seat.  Shortly, I was beckoned into the finger-printing room, where the Deputy took my finger-prints.  Making small talk with the fetching Deputy, I asked her how often she was taking finger-prints for prospective CPL applicants.  She said "From when I get here in the morning, to when I go home at night, I'm finger-printing CPL applicants."

In making more small talk with the Deputy, I said something to the effect of "....I've been meaning to get my CPL for years....." to which she replied "well it's good to see you've decided to stop slacking off".

more soon


02 March 2013


it's kinda sad funny....

so anyway, via Darleen Click over at Protein Wisdom, we get this:

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01 March 2013

Andrew Breitbart, 1969 - 2012

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Another Success

twice in one week...

so anyway, I had reason to stop at the local Walmart this evening and, as is my habit, my first stop was the ammo aisle.  The Sporting Goods guy saw me coming and said "You want the 9mm?"

Seriously You Guys*, it was like being Norm Peterson: walking into a bar and they put a beer in front of you before you even sit down.

Sure, it's steel cased Soviet crap, but that's 150 rounds of practice, right there

So, it looks like there'll be some range time in my near future.

more soon

*"Seriously You Guys" is a running gag over at Ace of Spades HQ