27 April 2005

Wednesday Evening Wrap-Up

.....snoozed and lost, I did.....

Via my Brother-in-Blog, I learned this evening that Laura Ingraham had cancer surgery yesterday. Appearantly, the proceedure went well and she is recovering well. Best wishes for a continued speedy recovery.

So anyway I got myself all worked up into a righteous snit about Justice Ginsburg the other day and started a long rant about how she should be impeached. (Didn't I blog this before? Thought so.) I go rummaging about the blogosphere for reference material, and I stumble upon (via the Four Right Wing Wackos, I think) DANEgerus' post on the Ginsburg issue. Right. What he said.

25 April 2005

But, wait! There's more!

There's always more

Via Think Free, Live Free (a new blog that is really well done, you should go read him sometime. Tell him Heywood sent'ya) I happened upon a thread over at The Volokh Conspiracy on the "Constitution in Exile". A very interesting premise, and the author does a good job of presenting the pros and cons of the topic. A very interesting premise indeed.

The Tri-fecta

Just when you thought there was nothing to read during lunch

The "go-to guys" are on their game.

George Will, on the ever-increasing irrelevance of the MSM.

Victor Davis Hanson proclaims the Truth.

Mark Steyn with some snark over the John Bolton nomination. (For an added treat, read it out loud with a slighty bemused British accent.....)

22 April 2005

Minutiae and Detail

Was that a long week or what?

My apologies for the lack of posting; I have been incredibly busy, both at work and at home, this past week. If 40 hours is the norm for a work week, I would have been done for the week by about 10:30 AM Thursday morning. My Brother-in-Blog is under similar pressures as well.

So anyway: I almost crashed the mighty SportsWagon this morning on the way to work. The "all news all the time" radio station that I listen to on the way to work has a particularly annoying advertiser, so when this particularly annoying advertisement airs, I hit the "FM" button. Which landed me on National Peoples Public Radio's Morning Edition .

Being "Earth Day", NPR was doing environmental stuff and they were interviewing a certain Michael Shellenberger, who had written some book about environmental issues or what-ever. I was half listening, amusing myself by honking at and flipping off wankers with "kerry/edwards 2004" bumper stickers on their Saturns. (Two notes on the whole bumper sticker issue: 1. We Won. You Lost. Get Over It. and 2. I actually saw an old AeroStar van yesterday that had two "clinton / gore '96" stickers on the bumper. Unbelievable).

Anyway, this Shellenberger chap was wining on about "social conscience" or some such boo-ship when he said something to the effect of ".....like now, when *spit* kkkonservatives *spit* dominate all three branches of government"(emphasis is, of course, mine. The gag/spit was clearly evident in his tone).

If it were not for the fact that I am generally calm and collected behind the wheel, my last words would have been a screaming "WTF?!?!?!?!?" at the radio whilst causing a NASCAR style pile-up on the freeway.

Apparently, this guy hasn't been keeping up with current events. The problem is that the Judicial branch is dominated by liberals, you knob. (Shellenberger, not you. But you knew that.) Go hear it for yourself, please remove all breakables from your general vicinity prior to doing so.

Speaking of the Judiciary; John Hawkins of RightWingNews fame had an outstanding post on why judicial nominees matter. Football and Judges: who'd have thunk it.

How did you celibrate "Earth Day"? Since it was raining, I couldn't mow the lawn or put fertilizer down, but I did manage to grill some big honkin' steaks. It's really amazing what 25 pounds of kingsford and a quart of lighter fluid can do.....I'd bet this fire was visible from space.

There was more, but I'm beat and must sleep. Courage.

16 April 2005

Taxation Musings

A fine collection of quotations

Via the The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, you need to read this outstanding collection of quotes on the subject of taxation. They should be teaching this stuff in the schools.....

15 April 2005

Tired Blogging

I'm semi-rested now

My apologies; I forgot to give credit where it's due for the P0rn Face link. I saw it at A Small Victory, via Stephen Green's VodkaPundit. My bad. I need to work on my Tired Blogging skills.

Now, that was pleasant

guess who just finished their tax return.....
So anyway, I was going to do a big rant on the whole "income tax" thingy (do all you conspiracy theorist out there realize the 16th Amendment was never actually ratified?) but Rachel (formerly) Lucas beat me to it. A must read. To offer opinion in the Glenn Reynolds' idiom ".....'sihtbastard'.....Indeed. Heh."
There are other things on my mind that are "blog-worthy", but all my notes are on the laptop (tonight, I'm broadcasting from the bridge of the Starship Heywood); I'll sum them up over the weekend. You want the short version? Here'tis: Babs Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, john f'n kerry, et al. should STFU. But you knew that.....
P0rn Face, indeed.

09 April 2005

Send lawyers, guns, and money

the siht has hit the fan

So anyway, there's this story that's being smacked about by my blogosphere 2nd Amendment compatriots about this reporter-ette for the Pittsburgh dinosaur-blog (for those of you in Ypsilanti, Michigan, that would be a newspaper) yelping about how easy it is to buy an AK-47. Random Nuclear Strikes says it best, it's ".....too funny not to read....." A tippling of the turban to the Four Right Wing Wackos for the call to prayer.

It strikes me that the reporter-ette in question was the same vapid creature who opined last year that canadia was so morally superior to The United States of America because canadia has de-criminalized marijuana, allows gay marriage, and has government subsidized via a 68% marginal tax rate free health care, and all that other leftist bull-siht. If it wasn't so late, I'd do an AltaVista search to prove my point (Or disprove my point. I don't care, as long as the Truth survives.)

On my second reading of our reporter-ette's article, I found a couple of lines worthy 0f a mini-fisking:

Except for a possible stray bullet in the chamber, I shouldn’t have been worried.

I'm actually willing to give her a pass on this one. Anyone bought up as a GFW would not know the First Absolute of firearms: treat every gun as if it's loaded. Which, at Casa de Heywood, they are, 'cause given the choice between a framing hammer and an unloaded side arm, I don't have to worry about how to quickly load a framing hammer and I can get right to work. But I digress.....
In America, it’s legal to buy guns.
Which is really her whole problem with the issue. Thank you, Josie, for being so forthright with your objections. Wanker.
Even this one, a semiautomatic rifle developed for Soviets tank crews to kill from a mile away.

Now, please. I have fired an AK-47 (a real one, as in full auto, not like the knock-off you purchased) and own and operate a SKS (which shoots the same bullet chambers the same cartridge as your AK) and I wouldn't even shoulder either rifle for a shot over 300 yards. The "real" full-auto version is the classic "spray and pray" weapon; the knock offs are comparable in accuracy without the fully automatic satisfaction. Mykail "Hero of the Soviet Union" Kalishinkov would be flattered if anyone ever succesfully targeted anything smaller than a barn that was more than 800 yards down-range. Which, by the old math, isn't even half a mile. Besides, the brightest and the best are celerating their 1000 yard kills, which still ain't a mile and the good guys are shooting custom made .50 cal. sniper rifles, not some mass produced POS.

Joe Dominick, Allegheny County’s chief deputy coroner, said shots from an AK-47 inflict trauma all over the body. The bullet can blow through several body parts, cutting through a hand to the torso through the other hand.

As will the .30-06, or any of the other "hunting" rifles. What's your point? If I push FMJ rounds through my .357, it will have the same result, but of course, I'm big on fragmentation and expansion, so I'm not very likely to be tossing FMJ rounds about. Can you say "HydroShock"?
And rarely is an AK-47 fired just once.

Again, as a GFW, she's not likely to have heard the old nursury rhyme:

Twice in the chest, give it your best
Once in the head, make sure it's dead

BTW, two things: first, someone with more free time than I should photoshop the picture in her article and make a pro-2nd amendment poster; and second, she should have saved a couple hundred bucks and bought a SKS instead. Yes, Josie, you can get 30 round mags for the SKS as well. And a bayonet. And a folding stock. (Just don't ask me how I know these things.....)

Another Murder is Taking Place!

It looks like yet another case of forced starvation is in the news. This one is even more bizarre than the Shaivo case as there is even a living will stating her request to be kept fed and hydrated. We need to get behind every single one of these cases and expose the murderous, heartless culture/judges for what they are, before our lives are at the hands of the lawless judicial system of this country, and before we end up like this. The Republicans need to take control of this situation and pass legislation IMMEDIATELY to stop this out of control rampage of murder! I am sick.

08 April 2005

The Contractual Obligation Post

Pope John Paul II was laid to rest today. I'm sure you've heard, it was in all the papers. This week I read some little blurb (I think is was Moxie, not sure; do your own Google* AltaVista search dammit) about how two of the three people most responsible for the fall of communism (the original "We Won. You Lost") were gone now: first Ronald W. Reagan, now John Paul. Only Margaret Thatcher is left.

In the coming weeks and months, as the volumes are written about John Paul II and the impact of his papacy, watch for this trend: It was actually the Pope who brought down the Iron Curtain. The MSM will twist the history to minimize Reagan and Thatcher's role in the fall of communism, because A.) they want to discredit anything that Ronald Reagan accomplished and B.) the Pope hated GWB, as evidenced by his (the Pope's) opposition to the BLOOD FOR OIL WAR TO MAKE GWB's OIL BUDDIES RICHER liberation of Iraq. Or so their interpretation will reflect.

I'm not studied up on it enough to assess the Pope's role in the fall of communism, but I know this much: Without Karol Wojtyla's active involvement, Lech Walesa would have been at the epicenter of a (Russian-made) smoldering crater in Gdansk. Walesa pushed the envelope, John Paul covered his "six".

*Suppy Side Politics has temporarily suspended the use of the Google search engine, pending review of Google's involvement with the new algore cable TV channel. More news as it develops.

Supreme Incompetence

what part of "uphold and defend" don't you understand?

Hello, how are you today? I am (keeping up appearances) fine, thank you. Hey, did you see the Ruth Bader Ginsburg statement this week?

"The notion that it is improper to look beyond the borders of the United States in grappling with hard questions has a certain kinship to the view that the U.S. Constitution is a document essentially frozen in time as of the date of its ratification."

IT IS TIME to impeach Justices Ginsburg and O'Connor (oh no, Sandra Day; I have not forgotten about your similar comments). The Constitution is frozen in time, as in carved in fooking stone. Your job is to interpret current events in light of the granite-chiseled Constitution, not the cave-wall-art-drawn-in-feces bull shit that passes for "international law". For someone who has taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, it is unconscionable to make such a statement.

Impeach them. Now.

They should put me on the Supreme Court. I can read and understand a one line job description, and will execute my duties tirelessly.

"Justice Heywood" I like how that sounds.....

05 April 2005

And it's only Tuesday

a long week already

My Brother-in-Blog and I have both been incredibly busy for the past week or so with no end in sight; our apologies for the lack of posting. A few random thoughts before I call it a night:

Sandy Berger gets his wrist slapped for committing a crime that would land you or I in Federal (pound you in the ass) Prison. [Note: you really have to have seen the movie Office Space to appreciate the reference]. Disgraceful, really. Everyone has beaten this one to death. Twice. You know and I know It's.Just.Wrong.

The only Michael Jackson that I concern myself with is the beer guy (do your own Google search, dammit).

When they set foot onto the ground at the Vatican, who will turn to a pillar of salt first: billy jeff or hillary?

Of course, billy jeff is going. He has to do something to make himself look presidential; what better way than hanging out with Presidents?

Yeah! Baseball is back! Yeah!

Who declared it "high speed police chase" day in LosAngeles? WTF?

Sleep beckons and I must answer