30 October 2005

Important Announcement

no, really

Please don't call me on Monday. I am expecting a very important call from the White House and I don't want to miss it. You see, as the living enbodiment of Thomas Jefferrson and a clone of Clarence Thomas, I am the perfect SCOTUS nominee and I'm just sure I'll be getting a call. That, and the fact I sent a very nice bouquet of flowers (it set me back almost $20) to Camp David on Friday should put me over the top in the running for the Supremes.

I'll call you from DC later in the week.

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This is getting old

I am more than slightly annoyed with Blogger right now


I've been having major issues with the Blogger interface lately. Log-in works just fine, but all hell breaks loose when I hit the "Publish Post" button. Yeah, I'm using a dial-up connection, but that really shouldn't matter. My ISP tells me that I should be pissed off at MicroSoft.

What I do know is I've lost at least three really good posts (and half a dozen crappy posts) over the past week because of the glitch.

Oh well. I've got Buffett playing live from Las Vegas right now, and I'm working on tomorrow night's ration of cheap vodka. If I really need to punish the guilty, I could always shotgun the fookin' skunks.

23 October 2005

Don't it just figure?

this is how my life goes

So anyway, I break down and order the World Series audio package from MLB.com, so I can hear the Astros' first ever World Series games. I get my confirmation e-mail; and log in just in time to hear Chicago hit a grand slam home run to take the lead 6-4.


22 October 2005

Dammit, Jim!

I'm a blogger, not a HTML techinician
It appears that the SSP blog main page is a bit funked out at the moment and it's all my fault. This happens every time I paste the HTML code from some stooopid web-quiz. Damn proportional fonts and all that noise. I'll fix it later, I'm currently typing by braille on what appears to be a 200+ key keyboard, if you know what I mean.
A (small) follow-up on Thursday night's entry: I was making polite conversation with a member of my personal Leftist Sounding Board and happened upon the current SCOTUS nomination. This launched a twenty minute diatribe on the worthlessness of the "Supremes" after their "fiasco" of "selecting" that "futher mucker GWB" in the 2000 Presidential election.
I'm still researching the truth on the SCOTUS / 2000 election ruling (read as "I haven't yet started my research") so I'm not going to go off on a rant about the whole thingy.
More as this develops inside my head.

18 October 2005

Mid-day blogging

the term "nooner" was already taken and it means something entirely different

The Meirs nomination will be officially over by close of business tomorrow, due to the revelation of her support for a Constitutional Amendment banning abortion. Good. There are better choices out there, IMHO. I'm just sure my phone will be ringing any day now.
(My previously stated position on the subject of abortion has not changed, nor has my position on Constitutional Amendments, so don't go getting your panties all bunched up.)
Yes, this is even looking more and more like a Rovian scheme, as I mentioned previously. I'll 'splain more later, I gotta go mow the lawn.

13 October 2005

Thursday Evening

sub-title, smub-title

Well, this will probably never see the light of day, as it appears that the Blogger interface is funked out AGAIN.

Do go read Peggy Noonan's spot on Opinion Journal piece on the Meirs nomination. The rest of the usual suspects (see also: Blogroll) have their panties in varying degrees of knots over the issue. Noonan is well-reasoned, as per her usual.

I haven't been doing my usual copious quantities of research on the subject, 'cause I'm like busy, dig? I'm still (kinda) standing by my original theory that the Meirs nomination is a smoke-screen for some twisted Rovian plot that will have us Constitutional types jumping for joy by the start of the World Series.
[I'm not mentioning baseball again, as the Astros are in the NLCS and I'm hoping to see them win the World Series in my lifetime]
In other (personal) news: I had a very good interview this afternoon. Two words: Big Time. I am so geeked about this opportunity I can't think straight.
More later.
Courage (Resolve)

04 October 2005

Contractual Obligation Post, part the 4th

Or fifth. Or third. I lose track of these things.

The President has nominated Harriet Miers to the vacant SCOTUS seat. There's great wailing and gnashing of teeth all over the blogosphere tonight. My initial thoughts are as follows:

  • Like Chief Justice Roberts, this nomination came from out of the blue. No one (well, practically no one) saw this coming. Par for the course for GWB. Always keep them guessing.
  • A lot of noise is being made over her 1988 campaign donation to algore (fluff) and her alleged support for the creation of an "International Criminal Court" (very troubling).
  • The rest of her "paper trail" is a crap-shoot.It is possible that this is a double-secret set up nomination put forth by the BushRoveCheneyEvilRepubliKKKanHaliburtonHitlerBloodForOil cabal. I mean, look at the democrats falling all over themselves to praise Miers. This could be the ultimate set up, get the left all lined up behind the nomination, then have something about her come out that no one could support (does the Bernie Kerik DHS nominatioin ring a bell?), leaving the left with egg on their faces. Then GWB could nominate the current incarnation of Thomas Jefferson or a clone of Clarence Thomas or me to the SCOTUS.*

Just some random thoughts, I'm just a little consumed with the job search to give it any deeper thought.

Elsewhere, Nipsey Russell died today. Anyone who can spontaneously speak in Suess-ese is of course Number One in my book.** Cancer, he was 80-ish. Via con Dios, Mr.Nipsy. As I type this, I'm rather tipsy.

But seriously, go read Steyn's latest. Amen, Brother. He eloquantly sums up what I've believed for years.

* Reduncancy alert: I am the living incarnation of Thomas Jefferson and a clone of Clarence Thomas

01 October 2005

Changes have begun

Blog-site update

You may have noticed that the "Stop Hillary" links are gone from the sidebar. NO, my position on the subject has not changed. At.All. It's just that one of the sites linked hasn't updated in over four months; and all the other seems to be good for is pointless press releases and begging for money.
More changes coming soon. Thatisall.