30 November 2005

Stoned blogging

can you feel it? 'cause I'm feelin' it

Note to self: When the product carries a warning label that says "Use only in a well ventilated area" take it at face value and at least open a freakin' window or something. Wow. Nothing unusual, just had to spray some water-proofer stuff on the Genetical Twinlets' new shoes, and I am positively buzzed from the fumes. Add that to today's ration of cheap vodka and I'm about ready to watch MTV or CNN or some such TV-for-the-stupid.

Why do I have the feeling that by Saturday night I'll be spraying that stuff into a paper bag? Just a thought.

So anyway, on a more serious note, Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame takes a look at GM's current woes. Hit his front page and just keep scrolling.....it's all good.

VodkaPundit also link out to The Officer's Club on the latest putrid MoveOn ad campaign. Michelle Malkin was all over this one as well.
The government of canukistan canadia has collapsed. I don't remember where I read it, Captian's Quarters perhaps, but some commenter opined that ".....bloggers have taken down dan rather, eason jordan, and now the freakin' canadian government....." or something to that effect.
OK, that's it for now. I gotta go put a second coating of the buzz-a-rific water proofer spray stuff on the girls' shoes.
Courage (Resolve)

29 November 2005

It's probably pointless

but I shall try to post anyway

Sigh. My ISP is acting like a member of the UAW again, so this probably will not see the light of day.

There's more, but it's late and all. More soon.
Courage (Resolve)

28 November 2005

Monday Night Fatigue

or something like that

Still not drilling in ANWR. Pity. When you're paying $4.50 per gallon next spring, why don't you call up the Sierra Club and give them hugs and kisses. BTW, OPEC says "Hi!" and "Thank you very much".

I caught part of The President's address on immigration and border security and I liked what I heard. I reserve the right to revise and extend once I've had the chance to read the transcript.

It strike me that I should put forth an Official Position on the whole immigration / border issue. I'll add it to the list, dunno what I'll get to first: border security or the Rust Belt vis-a-vis the Domestic Auto Industry vis-a-vis the UAW (Usually Ain't Workin'). Both issues are substantial burrs under my saddle, which means I'll post a recipe for free-range turkey with tequila-sage sauce or some such boo-ship instead.

I'll give you a teaser on my take on the borders issue: in the three or four minutes that I heard of The President's address today, every time GWB used the words "build" or "construct" or "establish" I found myself screaming at the radio ".....a fcuking fence!!!....." The first section of said fence should be installed at the base of the Ambassidor Bridge in Detroit (Rock City); the second section to be built at the tunnel (the third section to be built at the base of the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron). You get the drift. Gotta keep those fargin' canadiastan bastages at arm's length.

To quote paraphrase Capt. Smollett in Treasure Island: "I've either said too little or said too much" and I must go now. More soon.

Courage (Resolve)

26 November 2005

Just checking

I mean, it is a holiday weekend and all

I guess the rough-necks will be getting to work around sunrise on Monday morning, drilling in the previously pristene Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. Good. They work hard, they deserve some time off.

But I want to see holes in the ground by zero dawn thirty Monday.

24 November 2005

Are we drilling in ANWR yet?

just thought I'd ask

Happy Thanksgiving

I'd be lying if I said otherwise

In keeping with the Mission Statement here at SupplySidePolitics, I shall offer thanks for the political thingies that I am thankful for (after I re-fill my drink)
  • The Constitution of the United States of America. Can I get an "Amen" brother? Read it again for the first time and marvel at the wisdom.
  • Congress has taken their leave for the next six weeks, so they will not be actively fcuking up our lives until January.

There's much more to the list of my thankfulness, but in the spirit of the day I shant get contentious. As I quoted the other day, in the wise words of Rodney King: "Why can't we all just get along?"

21 November 2005

Didn't we go over this before?

a variety of topics in no discernable order
Sigh.  I guess I have resigned myself to just mailing it in from now on, never again to see the smiling visiage of the Blogger "Your Blog has Published Successfully" page.
It looks like those wacky lefties are at it again.  You remember back about 18 months ago (or longer) there was a big kerfluffel about the blogosphere when some moon-bat commenter at Koz or Dhimicraptic Undershorts opined that they were ".....going to buy a gun (although positively repulsed by the entire concept of guns) so that they could defend themselves when the evil Rethuglican Rovian Hit Squads came for them in the night....." and all the talk about taking it to the streets, etc.  Didn't I blog on this before?  I just know I did.  I need a freakin' assistant to compile a sufficient blogography of SSP.  But I digress.....
The right end of the blogosphere absolutely wet their collective selves laughing over the whole concept of the kum-by-ya koalition taking up arms and marching in the streets.
[so I can't spell right now.....bite me.  On my current level of medication, most people wouldn't even be breathing without assistance]
So anyway, they're at it again.  Brother John and Sister Michelle have the down-low on the sitch.  Really, really repugnant stuff.
Rodney King was spot on when he asked "Why can't we all just get along?"
Damn, it got late early again.  More soon, I gotta go figure out why we are not drilling in ANWR right this minute.
Courage (Resolve)

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19 November 2005

Bumper Stickers

That I'd put on the Mighty SportsWagon
A couple of weeks ago, some blogospherian put forth a bumper sticker to the effect of "Given a choice between no Islam and no Israel, I'll take no Islam".  Spot on.  Granted, it doesn't have the same "ring" as "Free Mumia" or "Free Tibet" or "Bush Lied", but it's spot on just the same.
So anyway, that got me to thinking about other bumper stickers that I would put on a seven year old Mighty SportsWagon, if they were available.  I came up with a short list, sure to get my car fire-bombed if I drove into the Peoples Republic of AnnArbor, aka Moscow on the Huron.
[BTW: Ohio State defeated Michigan this afternoon.  Expect loud cries of "Hail to the Victums" on every sports-talk radio station in the area.]
But I digress.  Anyway, the bumper stickers that I'd like to see:
  • Drill ANWR Now!
  • Stop Hillary Now!
  • High gas prices? Thank the Sierra Club
  • Stop michael moore Now!
  • SupplySidePolitics: We won, you lost, get over it
  • Drill ANWR Now!
  • Friends don't let friends vote for democrats
  • Luck Fiberals
  • Nuke'em 'til They Glow
  • Drill ANWR Now!!
  • Clinton Lied! People Died!
  • Liberal Arts: You Want Fries With That?
I'm sure I could go on and on, but you get the point.
Courage (Resolve)

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Place your bets

will this post make it or will it get lost?
THERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS pissing me off of late, the fact that my ISP and Blogger can't play nice together is just one of them.  So, in no particular order and rather incoherantly, let's have at it, shall we?
I am so sick of billy jeff blythe clinton I could just puke.  "Most influential man alive"  If that title doesn't hip you to what the MSM is all about, you don't have a pulse.  He's even on the cover of the latest Ladies Home Redbook Housekeeping Good Journal, his freakin' gob is pasted everywhere, like taupe paint in a lesbian's apartment.  Bejeezus, just go AWAY already.  And STFU while you're at it.
And the same goes for carter, too.  Carter's opinion on "Our Endangered Values"?  My.Ass.  You yuck it up with michael fcukin' moore at the donk convention then write such a pompous tome?  Carter has been in lock step with the very forces that have endangered our values up until about last Tuesday, and now he's all concerned.  STFU already.
I am sick and tired of supposedly right-wing media types already conceding the '08 election to hillary fookin' clinton.  I know, reverse psychology and all that crap, but enough already.  She has to get re-elected as the junior senator from New York in order to even thing about running in '08, and her re-election is not a foregone conclusion.  So STFU and let's defeat her in '06, rather than have to go nucular and siht in '08.
You absolutely must go read Cold Fury's take on the fireworks in congress over the War.  Mike is spot on.  Reading the blogosphere coverage of the event make me wish we had cable so I could have watched it all on CSPAN.
I just know that I'm going to hit "Publish Post" and get the big stinking error message again.  I just know it.
Yeah, bite me.  Carter's book goes on about how blurring the distinction between Church and State undermines our basic freedoms.  That just makes it all the better, don't it?  Jimmy "I have lusted in my heart" "Born Again" Carter standing up for for the likes of Michael Newdow....yeah, it's a must read.  Remind me to put it on my Festivus list.
And don't get me started about the whole "Church and State" thingy.  Trust me, just walk away screaming.
I'm filled with dread that the System will again crap out on me and lose this post, so I'm going to saw it off and come back later.  Don't worry, there's plenty more snark and invective where this came from.
Courage (Resolve)
As I feared, the System crapped out and I am forced to mail it in.  Fargin' bastages.

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17 November 2005

Mailing it in

you have no idea how annoyed I am about this
The constraints on my time are growing exponentially of late, and the little pissing match between Blogger and my ISP are not helping matters.  I managed to get my little test posted (see previous), and set out and wrote 4000 words on the news of the day and my opinions thereof.  Which promptly got siht-canned by the System.  I am not pleased.
One of the things I was trying to post was the link for the upcoming Ammo Day.  Do go support the effort like your very freedom depends on it, 'cause it does.
Stephen Green posted an outstanding piece on war and the media (and stuff).  Go re-fill your drink and give it a read.
Mark Steyn puts the "social democracy" paradox up on a tee, then foregoes the driver for a 12 gauge.  As Carl Spackler would say "......It's in the hole!!!"  Good stuff, that.
There's loads of good stuff out there amongst the usual suspects (See also: Blogroll), but it has gotten late early again and I must go.
Courage (Resolve)

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14 November 2005

This is a test

this is only a test

A test of my ISP / Blogspot's competance.

This is only a test

06 November 2005

Sunday Night Wrap Up

the post title recycling program is in full effect
So anyway, it's late and my ISP is acting all funky and Blogspot is even funkier so I am reduced to mailing it in.  You can collect your refund at the door.  Just a few items collected over the weekend, then I'm off.
The post of the weekend belongs to Sir Banagor as he 'splains the sitch about RSFP.  As our Liege and Master, The Emperor Darth Misha said, Sir Banagor will explain.
Elsewhere, the VodkaPundit Stephen Green continues his endless pursuit of scientific knowledgeJello shots, anyone?
There was more, but Zero Dark Thirty come awful early 'round these parts.
Courage (Resolve)

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05 November 2005

Coming up for air

precious little time to blink, let alone blog

There's lots going on but no time to address it all properly. It sucks being a growd up.

A couple of personal observations then it's time to sleep:

SupplySidePolitics surpassed the 2200 hit mark this afternoon. Note to my Brother-in-Blog: please call the office. Seriously, a heart-felt Thank You to all who are reading SSP. Please feel free to toss in a comment or two, it don't cost nothing.

The new job is going quite well, I am pleased althought I reserve the right to revise and extend at a later date.

From what I have seen, I am pleased with the Alito nomination. Naturally, I am a bit dissapointed, as I am the perfect candidate for the open SCOTUS seat. Oh well, maybe next time. All the usual suspects are blogging up a storm on the "Scalito" nomination, do go read.

More (salient) posting over the weekend. I gotta go check the lottery numbers.

Courage (Resolve)

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