27 June 2005

A Supply Side Politics Announcement

Strange but true, we're celebrating our first anniversary

There's plenty going on out in the blogosphere tonight: a whacked-out Supreme Court, John Bolton is still on hold, quagmire, Flag burning amendments (like they don't have anything better to do), quagmire, Dick Durban, quagmire, the list goes on and on. Visit any of the fine web-logs of the usual suspects for all the snark, spleen, and invective you can eat on any of the topics listed above and more.

There's always more.

As for the supremes pissing all over our Fifth Amendment rights with their bullsiht "eminent domain" ruling: I will pony up pay-per-view cash to see the proceedings the first time the ruling is used to let WalMart take the property of some mosque.....I'm just sayin', that's all. There's (rightfully) been a lot of piss and vinegar on the 'sphere over the issue, there'll be more.
There's always more.
One year ago today, my Brother-in-Blog and I started on this great little adventure. And what a year it's been. In addition to all the stuff you know about, events of the past year, things we've blogged about; there have been things going on in our real lives that would stagger the mind.
As we said at the onset of this enterprise, we are but mere working stiffs with opinions. The demands of daily life: family, household, work, etc.....
Like I said, there's always more.
I'll post more on this later, but now it's late and I'm beat. I just couldn't let the day pass without making note.

20 June 2005

Spot on

as per his usual

Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame has an outstanding mini-rant on so-called "exit strategies" that you must read. It makes great reference material for the next time some lefty moonbat starts whining ".....the war would be over if we just brought our troops home....." and is a common sense explaination of why announcing an exit date is a Bad.Idea. A smidgen to whet your appetite:

I'm not certain how you take the Will away from people who take their inspiration from God – but I'm pretty sure that, eventually, killing enough of them in large enough numbers would do the trick.

Good stuff, do go read.

18 June 2005

Friday Evening Wrap

with 40% fewer carbs and all the taste you deserve

Another long week goes into the books. Tired I am. I got a lot done work-wise this week, and significant progress is being made at Casa de Heywood, Mark III.

Moving sucks. I just thought you'd like to know.

The esteemed James Lileks has another project up and running that you simply must read. Screedblog is just like it sounds; picture The Bleat at about 8:17 AM on the Monday after a weekend long tequila bender and you're told they're out of coffee at the office.

As our long time readers know, I'm a big fan of Lileks' work. Screedblog is more pointed than Lileks' more public work and I must say, the edge suits him well. Already I'm seeing links back to Screedblog from all over the Right end of the blogosphere.

To wit: Will Collier (who, in the VodkaPundit world, is Robin to Stephen Green being Batman) has a post on "he's a" Dick Durbin's shameless comments this week past. Who does Collier block-quote? Lileks' Screedblog.

Do go read. All the kids are doin' it.

There was more, but it's late and tomorrow is another day. Which is to say I must sleep now.

16 June 2005

A few gems

from the usual suspects

and you thought it was a slow week. Heh. Indeed.

Ragin_Dave has his mojo in fine order and is applying same to the Gitmo situation. Saved me a lot of typing, now all I have to do is link to him and add "Righteous, brother!" and call it good.

But wait! There's more!

Jim on the Sloop New Dawn (besides living the life I've dreamed of), has put forth a post of epic proportions, repleat with a fisking of one of my favorite documents of all time, The Declaration of Independence. You must read to believe. (H/T to the Wackos for the link)

Late. Tired. You know the drill.

14 June 2005

Another Contractual Obligation Post

like, didn't you just know before you heard?


Michael Jackson was acquitted on all charges today. Like anyone is surprised by the news, I mean, it is California after all. I did not follow the proceedings and do not care one bit about the story.

Just payin' my blogger dues, baby.

I could go on and on about how it's a sad commentary on the state of affiars in our Country, but what's the use? I guess that the people of SantaMaria will get what they deserve. Ultimately, I just don't care.

09 June 2005


(insert your own sub-title here)

I'm enjoying Howie Dean's chairmanship of the DNC more and more each day. Maybe CNN should devote an entire network to Howie. All Dean, All The Time.

Keep it up, Howie. Keep talking and watch the balance in the Senate keep swinging farther to the Right.

Now you too can have a free copy of the Koran. It's true! A free copy of the Qu'ran, yours to keep! Amaze your friends! Confound your enemies! And it's completely free! No home is complete without a copy of the Quran. Order yours today! (A swag of the sombrero to our Liege and Master for showing us the path to enlightenment)

So much to blog, so little time. Late again, and I must go.


04 June 2005

Finally Friday

a very long short week

Go figure: a four day work week and I still put in over 50 hours. This "capitalist pig" routine takes some effort. Plus, I get to move "the heavy stuff" to the new Casa de Heywood over the weekend. Yippee!

Leon Askin has died. Those of you over 40 or so will remember him as General Burkhalter from Hogan's Heros. A well travelled, accomplished actor, he was an outstanding "comic villian".

Let's do something together, shall we? Every Friday, go read Victor Davis Hanson's weekly offering. Print it out and put it in a big three ring binder. Refer to it often. A smidgen of his fine post:

Our two chief worries — terrorists and weapons of mass destruction — wane when constitutional societies replace autocracies. Currently few democratic states harbor and employ terrorists or threaten their neighbors with biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons, even if they have ample stockpiles of each.

Very good stuff, that. Thanks to Stephen Green at VodkaPundit for pointing out the VDH piece.

There was something else, but it's late and I'm tired. Big day tomorrow, moving and all. The plan continues: I'll be posting live from Casa de Heywood, Mark III by sundown on Sunday.

03 June 2005

Every day is like christmas day

as long as Howie Dean runs the DNC

I'm sure you've heard Howie "Screamer" Dean's recent comments by now, about how Republicans have ".....never worked a day in their life blah blah blah whine moan snort whine whine moan btich moan whine....." Honestly, if it wasn't so late, I'd go find the links for you. Do your own AltaVista search, dammit. It'll be worth the effort.

Please, please, please keep up the good work, Howie. We of the VRWC are so pleased with your chairmanship of the DNC and really wish you all the best.

Of course, it could all be a big conspiracy: Dean deliberately looks more crazier to make hillary look more normal (BTW, what have you done to stop hillary today?), but I don't think they're that smart.

On the other hand, it could be some insidious scheme that Karl Rove is foisting upon us.....but I digress, it's late and I should get this posted and go to bed.

The other thingy I stumbled upon tonight, comes to us via Sir George at our Liege and Master's most excellent site. Didn't I mention this phenomenon a while back? Thought so. Anyway, keep a weather eye on the left's cries of "checks and balances", they know not of what they speak.


more later, I hope to make the inaugural post from Casa de Heywood, Mark III by Sunday. At least that's the plan.