29 August 2005

It was a Monday, a day like any other day

Late, drunk, weak title. Do the math.....

It looks like I'll eventually get to see NewOrleans, after all. It's not good, but it's far better than it could have been. Go give some blood or toss a few bucks at the RedCross or saddle up and go help. Steve H. of Hog On Ice fame (whom you should be reading every day, BTW) has the Florida Katrina update, repleat with the wit and wisdom Steve is famous for.
Elsewhere, everyone else is on f'n fire today. There's lots of good stuff out there, I'll toss out a few links before I pass out retire for the evening.
Via Cold Fury (just keep scrolling and reading, it's all good) comes the latest Hitchens post. Read it, print it out, and stuff it down the throat of the next stinky hippy you see.
The Four Right Wing Wackos are just all over it tonight. Pick a topic, they'll smack it down.
And Ace is absolutely all encompassing. From the CIA, to the so-called "9/11 Commission", to following up on my comments from the other night.
And Jeff Goldstein has a chilling fisking of an "educator's" opinion. (I'll have more on this later) Goldstein is spot-on everywhere he goes. Read and scroll, people. Read and scroll.
I gotta go, or else I'll wake up with a keyboard imprint on my face.
Don't ask.....

I'm just sick about it

and there's nothing we can do

It looks like Katrina is going to hit New Orleans full force. I haven't had the TV on (duh!) but I'm sure the doom merchants have already written the Cresent City off and are searching for a way to make it all GWB's fault.
The invaluable VodkaPundit crew have updates and salient observations on the storm. Last season, I had some thoughts on Charlie; those thoughts still apply, simple swap out "Katrina" for "Charlie".
New Orleans. Just the uttering of the name brings to mind all sorts of wonderful things. I've never been there as an adult. I suposedly there when I was two, but then again, I've long since discounted any information that I cannot confirm independantly. I have dreamed of New Orleans, and studied the city, the culture, the food (....ahhh: the food!); I have no doubt that you could drop me blindfolded into the French Quarter and I'd know instantly where to go and what to do and how to act.
Our bestest thoughts and hopes for the best go out to our brothers and sisters in the path of the storm.

26 August 2005

Friday Wrap Up

a collection of random links and random thoughts

Lest I forget; you need to mark your calendars for a special event on 19 September. Thatisall. Aaaaarrrrgh!

Raging_Dave of Four Right Wing Wackos fame is, well, Raging! In fact, entire Wacko's crew is spot on today, as per their usual. It's like they're having a Snark&Invective kegger and doing double shots of common sense.

The post of the week at NRO comes from Clinton W. Taylor. Amen, Brother. (Thanks to Ace for the enlightenment)

In case you missed it, this weeks VRWC directive from Darth Rove has been declassified. Hewitt spilled the beans.

In shop-talk, as Paul Harvey would say, Iowahawk has some guidelines for the novice blogger and all the wanna-bes. I believe Ace had the link, but I'm not sure.

And Jeff Goldstein is chock-full of good stuff today, as usual. One of these days, I need to thank Stephen Green for adding ProteinWisdom to my blogroll.

It's still early and before it gets late I should go. More sleep = better blogging.

Sigh. Don't it just figure?

looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.....

Although the MSM hasn't (and will not) acknowledged it, dig this: supply side economics works!!! ["Supply Side" where do I keep hearing that phrase?] Dave of the Wackos has some salient comments, as does Kim du Toit.
Sigh. I had a load of things to discuss tonight and a list of links as long as your arm for your amusement. Of course, it got late early again, and my link-list-file is on the laptop (tonight I'm blogging from the bridge of the Starship Heywood). One link that you absolutely must follow come to us via Ace and it's George Will's latest bit of spot-on commentary.
As astute blogospherians, you have no doubt already seen this. No matter what side of the arguement you're on, as Larry The (un-funny) Cable Guy would say: "I don't care who you are: That's funny".
Last August, I was blogging about Lance Armstrong kicking the cycling world's collective asses. He's done it again this year, as I'm sure you've heard. Seven in a row. It is an accomplishment that will never be matched in the future of the Tour de France, or any other sport for that matter.
Today's news has some french lab claiming they've found banned substances in Armstrong's urine samples.....from 1999. The first year he won the Tour de France. Curious. If the charge sticks, it will be used to invalidate his 1999 win and the six subsequent wins. Steve H. of Hog On Ice fame has some observations on the subject.
There's more out there, but I must go now. More soon

20 August 2005

Fookin' Spammers

second only to the terrorists
Well, that about tears it. Freakin' spammers in the comments. doG damn that pisses me off.

I need to dig in and find a way to stop this. More soon.

Finally Friday

at long last

A few items that you should read and discuss amongst yourselves.....I reserve the right to include this material on any future exams and/or quizzes.

It's Friday and Friday just wouldn't be Friday without our weekly dose of Victor Davis Hanson. All the kids are linking to him.

Via Sailor in the Desert, a Gold Star Dad recounts his grief over the loss of his son in Iraq. Just read it.

(Note to self: Sailor in the Desert is consistantly good. Add him to the blogroll)

Ace of Spades has the link to the lifelong liberal who has had his epiphany and had decided that he'd take his place at the growd ups table. Welcome to the real world, Scott.

And Frank J. Incorporated has the only non-Greg Gutfeld post you ever need to read at HuffPo. Oh, and read the comments to the post by the "enlightened" HuffPo readers. Poor Michael Smerconish.....he'll never eat lunch with that crowd again.

There was something else, but it's late. We'll have words again soon,

18 August 2005

Policy update

be prepared to replace page number 213b in your handbooks
Paul Begala can kiss my ass.


Breaking News

Coretta Scott King has suffered a major stroke. Our best wishes go out to her, and hopes for the best recovery possible.

17 August 2005

Random Thoughts

for a Wednesday evening

Raging_Dave of Four Right Wing Wackos fame taps into a fresh keg of invective on Able Danger and billy jeff blythe clinton. Dave is spot on, and his post is a must-read rant.

Able Danger is also on Stephen Green's mind over at VodkaPundit.

And Ace is both serious and snarky on mother sheehan. Insolublog takes a shot at the MSM media circus at camp cindy.

Sailor in the Desert updates us on the Take Back the Memorial effort.

More soon

14 August 2005

I knew this would happen

sigh, I should not have gone blog-surfing

Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom fame follows up on the CampCindy distraction. (also known as "Thout Shall Not Mention Able Danger")

And Ace is chock-full of good stuff, repleat with linky-goodness.

Late. Tired. You know the drill.

Part Two

see yesterday's post for context and reference

So anyway.....as I was saying, I've had quite enough, thank you.

The MSM is still stone-walling the Able Danger story and giving all their attention to Cindy f'n Sheehan.

Mike of Cold Fury fame has some salient observations on the Able Danger and the aftermath thereof. Chris Muir, author of the bestest political cartoon you've never read, hits it squarely on the head with his 'toon for Saturday, 13 August 05.

Since I started my blogging late this evening, I haven't even snooped around at the usual suspects blogs to find out what else is going on. I rather suspect it would leave me depressed.

Now we've reached the point in this mini-rant where I scream "WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!!!" and go off about how you need to search for the truth and that your search does not include the MSM.

Able Danger is getting the same treatment from the MSM as the Swift Boat crew received, and it's looking like the blogosphere is going to have to carry this one as well and hand the MSM their collective asses again.

Cindy f'n Sheehan is getting more MSM coverage than the first week of Rathergate.
Cindy f'n Sheehan is getting more MSM coverage than the first week of Davos / Eason Jordon. (What ever came of that one?)

What is the MSM hiding to protect whom?

Discuss this amongst yourselves; be prepared for an essay question on this material on the mid-term exam.

13 August 2005

OK, I've had about enough

and you have, too

First off, Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame has some required reading that is, well, required. (Duh) Good stuff from someone you used to know.....

And lest I forget, Sailor has a good round-up of the breaking Able Danger story that you should read as well.

Via the Four Right Wing Wackos, Rodger Schultz spells it all out quite nicely, thank you very much (as always, read the comments) (Warning: 11 Sept 01 image included).

And Lileks screeded yesterday on the Sheehan issue. Which leads us in to where we're going.....

Let's get down to business, shall we?

I have had About.Enough. of Cindy f'n Sheehan and the MSM running this "alledged" story 24/7. This is a smoke screen, as are many of the other stories du juir (doG, how I hate using french phrases). Jerry Doyle is spot on with his "grapefruit" theory (I'll explain some other time, I'm too pissed off to go into it now.)

So anyway, driving home tonight, I happened upon National Peoples Radio as they were playing the just-released 911 tapes from That.Day. Crappy audio of two way radio conversations as all hell was breaking loose. For today, I shall skip commenting on the obvious glee in the voice of the NPR reporter-ette.

For a few moments, I re-lived the gut-feel of That.Day. and the days immediately thereafter. Thanks to NPR for harshing my Friday afternoon mellow. All the mental imagery, the heartache, the "WTF?", reflecting on how our lives have changed forever because of That.Day.

As it turns out, That.Day. could have been prevented with a few strategic arrests back in 1999. Go read any and all of the Able Danger stuff you can find: it's all over the blogosphere. You can't find it on any of the MSM outlets, though. They're too busy with Cindy f'n Sheehan and that missing girl in Aruba.


I have had quite enough. doc Russia is spot on: Nothing has changed.

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion. It's pushing 1:00 AM and I must go now.

12 August 2005

So now we know what Sandy Berger stole

didn't you just know it'd be something like this?

Being the astute blogospherians that you are, you've already seen the breaking Able Danger story. (I get a triple word score for "blogospherians", if it wasn't so late I'd copywrite it. Wait, I just did). All the usual suspects are chiming in on the subject, the Four Right Wing Wackos have a good round-up on the subject. Still no mention of the story from the MSM. Curious, no?

Well, not really. You see, the MSM's attention is tuned to Camp Cindy, a growing collection of RVs and TV news satellite trucks stationed outside the gates of GWB's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Big story, this Cindy. Never mind the fact that she's already had a heart-to-heart with The President, in Seattle some months ago, and came away from that meeting satisfied.

Now it seems that Cindy has had a change of heart and decided The.War.Is.Wrong. and It's.All.GWB's.Fault. thus providing the MSM the media circus required to keep the Able Danger story under wraps. Never mind the fact that her change of heart came about 14 seconds after George Soros ponied up to stop the foreclosure on her trailer and got her TV out of hock. [OK, I'm being unnecessarialy catty. Bite me, mkay?]

Since I'm in a conspiratorial mood, I see the MSM's deep sixing of the Able Danger story as an effort to protect.....(wait for it).....hillary. But enough of that conspiracy theory nonsense.

Speaking of Nurse Ratched (I tried, I really tried to re-find the link for the side-by-side pictures of Nurse Ratched and hillary; sorry, trust me, it was scary-funny), Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame is doing his part to stop her. What have you done to stop hillary today? Kim du Toit is on the case as well.

And Doc Russia takes the gloves off. H/T to Raging_Dave of the Wackos.

Late again, more soon

Courage (Resolve)

08 August 2005

Breaking news

Peter Jennings has died. May he rest in peace.

More later.

03 August 2005


Judge for yourself

Comedy Central just re-ran the "stem cell research" episode. Hmmm.

I could go on and on about stem cell research (and intelligent design) but I'll give it a miss. Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame chimes in on the ID debate.

Why do they keep showing Taco Bell commercials when I'm starving?


John Bolton has assumed his duties at the UN. Good. The Wanker Party is going off about how a recess appointment "trashes to Constitution" (like kennedy/reid/pelosi/et al. knows anything about the Constitution). Lessee: GWB - one recess appointment / billy jeff blythe clinton - one hundred forty recess appointments. And you wonder why I call them wankers.

Jeebeezus, what is up with all the Taco Bell commercials?

What I need is a directory of all my previous blog posts. And a gordita (what-ever that is).

Wednesday Night Blog Burst

well, sort of

so anyway, I'm holed up in the Sheraton in York, PA on a business trip and for the first time since Election Night (We Won! You Lost! Get Over It!) I have access to real TV, not just Wiggles and Barney tapes. Real TV, cable TV, four different movie channels, all the good stuff.

So I just spent an hour watching CSPAN. doG, I need serious help.

I have loads to say, but South Park is coming on. More soon.