31 October 2004

Saturday Night's Alright For Bloggin'

Ah yes, here we are again. Late Saturday night with a week's worth of pent up rantings and ravings and no way to get to them all coherently before the alcohol sets in. If only I could type faster.....
Anyway, again in no particular order, here's what pushed my buttons this past week and points I feel need to be made:
  • GWB will win the election this coming Tuesday, by a comfortably margin. I'm not prepared to say "landslide" or "double digits" (well, maybe / probably double digits) or "mandate"; but the win will be definative enough that most rational people will move on. Sure, there will be cries of foul and some lawsuits and a voracious replay of what this Nation endured last time when algore tried to steal the election, but at the end of the day, the logic of "if it ain't close, they can't cheat" will hold sway. More on this later.
  • Lemme see if I have this straight: the IAEA, a unit of the UN, announces to the world that 380 tons of high explosives has suddenly gone missing in Iraq, alledgedly on GWB's watch. Then it's revealed that no-one has seen this stuff since prior to April 2003 and maybe it's only 3 tons or so but it's still GWB's fault!!! Then the guy who's boots were in the actual dirt comes forward and says it wasn't there when his unit got to town and even NB-freakin-C debunks the story, but the j f'n kerry campaign still ran with it as late as Friday afternoon? What part of "nothing to see here, move along" did I miss?
  • bin Laden says he did it but it wasn't his fault and that blood will run in the streets and the wailing and gnashing of teeth will drone out the sound of enimens video and we only have ourselves to blame for our troubles (and the joooos, of course. Mustn't forget the joooos). Yeah, and purple flaming pigs in tuxedos may just fly out of my ass to the tune of Bach's "Little Fugue in G". There's a whole lot of severe misunderestimating going on here on bin Laden's part. He can go on quoting F9/11 (verbatim, I'm told) all he wants if he thinks it "plays" or "resonates", but I think we're at the point where any major attack on our Nation's soil will result in large areas of bin Laden's "nation" being reduced to gigantic sheets of glass by a judicious application of thermonukular munitions. The stakes are too high to throw down a glove and say "Bring it, bitch"; it would be irresponsible on my part to say such a thing. Somebody needs to lend bin Laden a clue, and fast.
  • The Missus has a friend who is a fairly nice person, albiet dumb as a sack of hammers. As my uncle used to say, she's "dumber than homemade shit". She's taken to neglecting her family to devote her time volunteering for the kerry campaign. Whatever. I had the misfortune of answering the phone and spoke with her briefly this afternoon. She (as usual) had some disparaging remarks about GWB. I dismissed the remarks in good humor, politely saying that her horse was going to lose the race come Tuesday. It was like I lit a fuse. She went into moonbat overdrive, screaming about how it's "all already rigged for GWB to get elected" and how "GWB was behind the terrorist threats so he could declare martial law and suspend the elections" and 380 tons of other incoherent crap. My response? "Honey, the phone's for you....."
  • The left knows that they will lose on Tuesday, and they've been baking up excuses for months now. There is someone very dear to me who, in September, booked a flight to Florida for 3 November 2004 to protest the outcome of the election. My response at the time was "Dude, WTF?" "Oh, you know it's all rigged, I'm going down there to help stop (GWB) from getting away with it" he said. Maybe they're putting something in the water, or the tinfoil isn't thick enough.....
  • Is arafat dead yet? I moved the champaign from the bucket back into the ice-box, but it's still cold and ready at a moment's notice.
  • I thought Cuba was stumbling toward freedom, but that old bastard castro is still hanging on.
  • Maybe algore will just stay in Hawaii. Wouldn't that be nice?

Why does it get so late so early? More later. Go vote your convictions on Tuesday, and brace yourselves for the outcome.

24 October 2004

The Great Saturday Evening Post

Bejezeesus, what a week. This once a week posting crap has got to stop.

As you have probably figured out by now, there's a lot on my mind. My apologies: untill I can get set up with a blog friendly 'puter in the evenings without Big Brother's watchfull eye hoarding over me, my blogging will be these rambling "brain dumps" on the weekends. So, in no particular order, here's this week's missives:
  • My in-laws went to see the mrs. john edwards rally, an event so underwhelming that none of the local "news" media even bothered to make mention of on their various web sites, in Dearborn, MI this afternoon. No details yet, but it proves the fact that they really really hate GWB so much that they'd stand in 50º rain for three and a half hours to hear the wife of a VP candidate who speaks with the dead and "channels" the unborn. (The VP candidate is the "seer", not his wife; I'm not read up on her bio at this time.) Yes, I'm being catty, but has elizibeth edwards ever had a real job?
  • Every time mrs.john fookin' kerry speaks, I get a chuckle. This week, she went off on mrs.GWB, and in teresa's usual idiom, she once again proved herself to be a total ass-hat.
  • The MSM let the Mary Cheney issue go by the way-side this past week, probably sensing that running with the story would do more harn than good to the kerry campaign
  • What the hell is Condi Rice up to? Seriously, somebody loan me a clue. I turn on the MSM Audio/Visual input (that's a TV to those of you in Ypsilanti, MI) and one of the Clinton News Networks is running some B&M (Bitch & Moan, do I have to explain everything to you people?) piece about "Condi Goes Too Far". Just what did our 44th President (oops, I just let the VRWC cat out of the bag) do or say recently to merit such derision fron the left? I'm serious. What happened? I'm too time constrained and too tired to properly Google it all out.

I think I had several other thoughts from the past week, but the rum has taken hold and now I'm looking at a 204 key keyboard. More manana, when I promise to be at least half as sober as I am now.....no, wait, nevermind, you know what I mean.....

21 October 2004

I got your October surprise right here

I really shouldn't be poli-blogging from my desk during my second week on the job, but this could not wait until the weekend.
I heard this story (and the audio) on Hugh Hewitt last night and was just flabbergasted. Just exactly how far out of touch with the American people is this knob kerry? Sure you could explain a lot of it away as campaign posturing, but Bezeejus he said this in 1994!!!
I got your October surprise right here. The big surprise is that by the end of October, every rational citizen of this country and about two-thirds of the democrats will be so sick of john fookin' kerry that he'll not even have a glimmer of hope of not getting blown out at the polls.
Keep talking, john john and company: you're losing by almost double digits now, keep talking and lets see if we can get the polls up to about 70/30 for GWB by the end of the month.
More later when I can blog more freely. A swag of the sombrero to Stephen Green and his excellent blog.

17 October 2004

I haven't died or anything

Far from it, I've been very "time constrained" for the past week. I started a new job in the Louisville area on the 11th and am living out of a suitcase until further notice. No computer in the evenings and to badly paraphrase G.H.W.Bush(41) it "wouldn't be prudent" to blog from work during my first week on the job. Don't worry though, I've already started sucking up to the IT czar; if my calculations are correct, I'll have some major bandwidth by the end of the month.
It's frustrating, given the season and not being able to blog. In the past week, there have been things that pissed me off, enlightened me, amused me, and made me say "WTF?". It would be far too much to compile them all into a Saturday Evening Post, so I'll just toss out some random thoughts and call it a night.
The kerry/edwards campaign trying to make an issue of Mary Cheney is just sickening. What they don't understand is that most of us VRWC-types have known about Mary Cheney since before 1999, and we don't care. How one chooses to live their life is their own damn business. I whole heartedly agree with Vice-President Cheney's position that the whole "gay marriage" thingy is a State's rights issue; the fact that they can't win on the State level is why the left keeps pushing it on the Federal level. Whatever. They'll lose there, too.
As a note: isn't it curious that kerry has "advisors" and GWB has "handlers"? So sayeth the MSM every chance they get. I listen to a lot of radio news, and across the board, the MSM players (ABC/NBC/CBS(who?)/CNN/MRN/PBS, et al) refer to kerry's team as "advisors" and GWB's team as "handlers". I'm sure they think there's a "chimp" reference there somewhere.
My bumper sticker research has not gone lacking. Even in such a "solid GWB" state as Kentucky, I'm seeing a large number of kerry stickers. Temper that with the fact that I am staying in the "student ghetto" section of Louisville. Over my travels throughout the Louisville section of The Bluegrass State, however, it's still a draw. And the pro-GWB people don't have just one bumper sticker, either. Some of these cars, it's hard to tell what color the car is without the stickerage.
I've had my absentee ballot in my briefcase for almost 10 days now. I'm saving it for just the right moment.....
I had forgotten just how filling and satisfying ramen noodle soup was. At 8 for a dollar, it's the best meal value in town.
It's late, I gotta sleep

09 October 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me! 42 years and still kicking. 42, you know, like the answer to the question "What is the meaning of Life?"

Did you ever have a birthday (or Christmas or Festivus) where you knew with all certainty that you would be getting a specific present and when the day comes and that present arrives you are just completely geeked about your wish come true? I got mine today. In honor of the occasion, I have set aside my usual daily Guiness and am drinking Fosters tonight.

I am oh so pleased about how the elections in Austrailia turned out today. I recently discovered a "down under" blog, via Stephen Green's most excellent "VodkaPundit". The post I linked to was written before John Howard thoroughly kicked Latham's ass in the Aussie elections, and picked up seats in Parliment as well....Bonus Plus!; read the comments for the election reaction.

A certain candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America should have his nuanced panties in a bunch tonight, for the Coalition is strong and appeasment and isolationism are right out.

Would it be too bold to postulate that Mark Latham=john kerry?

Uh oh. kerry just crossed my mind. Gotta go vomit now.

07 October 2004

Follow up

I finally did hear first hand about the Springsteen anti-GWB rally/concert from my in-laws. We talked about the music, the stage-craft, etc. They had never been to a full-blown rock concert before, so much was made about the amplification and lighting. The politics of the event were left largly unsaid.
That's the beauty of our relationship. Although we are polar opposites politically, we always can find common ground. They bought tickets to the concert because they HATE GWB, period. No other reason. I have opined that while I would love to see Springsteen and John Fogerty on the same stage, you could not have forced me to that concert at gun-point, because of it's political billing. But we leave it at the door, which is nice. Topics are skirted and dismissed after a brief moment of exchange, with no hard feelings or after effect.
Of course, I am a Conservative (and a Constitutional Conservative, no less), so therefore I am an optomist. I truely believe that beneath all the vitriol betwixt the left and the Right, there is common ground. At least in my personal experience.

04 October 2004


I had occasion to be out and about this morning, driving some semi-rural roadways. As part of my ongoing (informal) research on campaign bumper stickers, et al, I was looking at the campaign "yard signs" on my route. As far as the count goes, it was a draw: equal numbers of GWB and kerry signage.

Along one road, some vandal had spray-painted a big "W" on every kerry sign. On both sides of each sign. This went on for miles. At first, I had to laugh; I mean, it is funny. On my return trip I started to get a little pissed about the whole thing. If GWB signs were being defaced similarly, I would be equally pissed as well.

This is exactly the kind of crap that the left would pull. Last month, there was a rash of vandalism in the Detroit (Rock City) suburb of Troy: 50-some-odd vehicles and a handfull of businesses / homes had windows shot out by vandals with a pellet gun. The fact that every single one of the victims had pro-GWB signage was overlooked by the main stream media. In their eyes, the victims got what they deserved.

Not that I'm equating spray-paint on a freebie sign with malicious destruction of property, but the intent to interfere with another's freedom of speech is equal in both cases. Grow up.

You want to put kerry/edwards stickers and signs all over your personal property? Go ahead; thank you for being active in the process. That's the beauty of the Constitution that I am sworn to defend: you have the right to be completely and utterly fooking wrong about your beliefs and are free to advertise the fact that you are a complete and total asshat.

Post started on Sunday 3 October 2004

Post started on Sunday 3 October 2004
A few programming notes: I will be scarce in my blogging for the next few weeks. No, the democratic underground didn’t “get” to me and silence my blogging just prior to the Election of our Lifetime. No, the answer is far more pedestrian than that. I’ll be starting a new job in a weeks time, and I have to get the house ready to sell, and get all the little things fixed and functioning so that The Missus and the children can carry on in my absence. Naturally, my nocturnal blogging is the first thing to get optioned off. Not that I consider it unimportant, just it’s the one “recreational” activity I have, and as recreational, it is therefore expendable. If the new job has liberal IT policies regarding Internet usage, I’ll be back to lunchtime blogging soon.
I am working off-line tonight; I haven’t been out on the blogsphere since the wee hours of Sunday morning. I have been mandated by The Missus to stay off the modem until The In-laws call to announce that they are home safe from the Springsteen “Vote for Change” concert (see previous post) in Detroit, Rock City. I can’t wait to hear they review of the rally.
Which brings me to a point that has been simmering in my rum-sodden brain for a few days now. Remember way back to the 2000 election, when it was the Hollywood types out protesting the GWB candidacy? Remember? Baldwin and Robbins and Sarandon and Penn and many others vowing to “move to france” if GWB was elected? Well? Despite the donks best efforts to steal the election, GWB was duly sworn in as our 43rd President (look at that: MS Word automagically superscripted the “rd”. Good thing I wasn’t typing this on a 1970 vintage typewriter, else it might look forged.) The Hollywood crowd stayed put in southern California, therefore losing all credibility to protest.
In 2000, it was the Hollywood crowd carrying the GWB protest torch, in 2004 it’s the musicians. The “Rock the Vote” crowd hasn’t been this active since 1992, when they helped BillyJeff Blythe Clinton win over Bush 41. Where are the Hollywood types this go ‘round? Counting their winnings from the tax cuts they so despise, I guess.
A bunch of washed up musicians band together to protest GWB, so what? The demographic they’re reaching out to largely doesn’t vote anyway. Sure, there will be a percentage of their demographic who’ll register and vote because of “American Coming Together’s” effort; but in the long analysis it will be for naught. If you’re not registered to vote by now (4 October) you’re too late to vote in the general elections in November. Period. The “Vote for Change” concert series runs through 11 October, which is way too late to register voters for this election. At least the Votergasm.org people are offering something for your vote.
I ask the question honestly, without malice aforethought: just what is so bad / wrong with GWB anyway? I mean, really? As a Constitutional Conservative, I have issues with some of our President’s positions and his handling of certain aspects of the job he was elected to. I consider myself a part of the Loyal Opposition, but I just don’t see the need for all the vitriol.
Note to self: you really need to do a “these things I believe” post in the near future.
I just want to puke when I think about john kerry. His campaign would wither and die if any intellectually honest (oxymoron alert) player in the main stream media actually called up his pro-clinton senate speech about how “service in VietNam doesn’t matter”.
Post resumed on Monday 4 October 2004
Monday. And kerry still makes me want to puke.
Still no word from the in-laws on how the anti-GWB rally went. I understand that the contact buzz from crack smoke takes a few days to wear off. I heard some third hand re-count about Springsteen doing an "Al Sharpton" parody, not sure if he went the whole nine yards with black-face and all.
This is getting wordy and I've lost the coherent thread. I'll saw it off and come back fresh later.

02 October 2004

Dis-jointed things

OK, so I've been busy. Casa de Heywood went into lock-down mode on Wednesday afternoon and the "all clear" was just issued a couple of hours ago. It's a long story.....
I didn't watch the debate on Thursday night. Besides having no interest in it, I was just too busy to actually sit down for two hours. From what I've gleaned from the blogsphere, kerry "won" because he is taller. Whatever. That's not what brings me to the blogging table tonight.
I have opined on the "Vote for Change" concert series in the past on multiple occasions, please allow me to add some personal observations on the subject.
My in-laws, to whom I'd give each a kidney without hesitation, are tonight at the Dixie Chicks' anti-GWB concert in Cleveland. They are going to attend the Springsteen anti-GWB show in Detroit (Rock City). They bought the tickets the day the shows were announced. A few days later, Mom asked me if I had any Springsteen in my collection, as they were not really familiar with Bruce's work (as in hadn't ever heard anything that Springsteen had ever done). I gladly coughed up a cassette of "Born to Run", a CD of "Born in the USA" and an 8-track (dude, WTF?) of "Darkness on the Edge of Town". They subsequently picked up a greatest hits CD and went about studying the Boss's material.
They are both in their middle 60's. I can understand them going to see the Dixie Chicks, as Dad is a nationally recognized authority on bluegrass music (and appearantly the Chicks loosely fall under that catagory). The Springsteen show just blows me away. My odds on bet is that they don't actually attend the show, and are satisfied with the "contribution" of buying a ticket. I'll keep you posted, their observations should be muy interesting.
I've long given up the notion that my family does things (politically) to spite me. As I have written before, I leave my politics at the door when dealing with family. Every time I have to bite my tounge, I think of Mary Matlin and James Carvell (two political minds that I greatly and equally admire), and I ask myself WTF is it like around their dinner table? Surely I can STFU and enjoy the peace.....