29 May 2005

Sunday night wrap up

not much of a wrap up, it's late and I'm beat

Oh the joys of getting a new house. Yeah. Tomorrow, I paint. I am so pleased.

All the usual suspects are (deservedly) taking the holiday weekend off, so I found the blogosphere a little flat this evening.

Cox & Forkum's most recent edi-toons are spot on. Be sure to read the entry for their Memorial Day 2005 post.

That's it, I gotta sleep.

A twisted theory

Please hold, still checking.....

Where was I? Right. John Bolton.

As a disclaimer up front I must tell you the following:

  • I had never heard of John Bolton (just like 91% of the Senate) prior to his nomination to be our ambassador to the United Nations.
  • I am not part of the crowd that just rubber stamps anything GWB puts forth; au contraire, I view all politicians with the same suspicious eye. Granted, I agree with this Administration more than the proceeding administration, but we have our differences.

That said, let's review this twisted little theory of mine. John Bolton should be confirmed to this position post haste.

The snivelling snotweasles on the left have their panties all in a bunch because Bolton is "brusque" and "demanding" and "unpleasant at times". You've heard all their objections, you've seen the Broadway musical, you know the score.

To the left and their objections I say this: "Exactly!"

Bolton is EXACTLY the man we should send to the UN for exactly the reasons that the left says he shouldn't be confirmed.

In Bolton, we can rest comfortably knowing that he's not going to be a member in good standing on the country club. At first, (and this mental imagery still just kills me) I thought of Bolton at the UN kind of like Al Czervik at Bushwood. "Hey kid! Get my bags, park my car, .....and put on some weight!" "This is my friend, Mr.Wang. (No offence)" "How'd you like to make fourteen dollars...the hard way?" Bonus plus to the Caddyshack analogy is that one of Carl 'The Greenskeeper' Spackler's lines is ".....licensed to kill gophers, by the government of the United Nations....."

OK, I'm back. I couldn't find my copy of Caddyshack (we're packing to move, remember?) and the overwhelming desire to watch it right now has passed.

No, Bolton should be confirmed because he is the political incarnation of that great American from South Park, Colorado; Eric Cartman.

Think about it: Cartman is brusque, Bolton on brusque. Cartman is demanding ("You get into that kitchen and make me some pie, biotch!"), Bolton is demanding ("You will respect my authoritah") and so forth.

What we need at the UN is someone, like John Bolton, who knows his job and will not accept the short end of a compromise. Someone, like John Bolton, with whom lines like "Screw you guys, I'm going home" and "I will kick you in the nuts" are not idle threats but actual, credible statements of intent.

Too long have we merely been a cash cow for the UN. We need someone who will not "go along to get along" to hold the UN accountable to our standards.

A John Bolton / Donald Rumsfeld analogy could be drawn, but the rum has taken hold and it's too late anyway. It could be postulated that the left is against Bolton for the same reasons they hate Rumsfeld. Men with clarity of vision and resolve in action often face the harshest critics.

Anyway, in closing I'd like to extend the South Park analogy. If Bolton = Cartman, then Voinovich = Butters. To wit:

Cartman: Butters will give hand jobs in the corner for a dollar.
Butters: Sure! I'm good at all kinds of jobs.

I surely hope the good people of Ohio will find a better Republican next time so that Butters Voinovich can spend more time with his grandchildren.

27 May 2005

A few thoughts for a Thursday evening

very few, 'cause it's already late

Will Collier, Stephen Green's side-kick over at VodkaPundit has heard a semi-substantiated possible maybe rumor that perhaps Abu Musab Lambda Hooptie Hooptie SkyHook Nyquil al-Zarqawi has assumed room temperature, has ceased to be, is no more, is an ex-terrorist. Given the circles in which Will travels, he's more believable than Newsweak.

I about puked this morning over this: I dash into the breakroom at the office for a steamin' cup-o-kauphy, to be greeted by John McCain's smiling visage on the omnipresent TV. He was being interviewed, by Fox News and their banner overlayed at the bottom of the screen read "American Hero". "American Hero"? For is service to our country (for which I am truly grateful)? No. For suffering untold and unimaginable horrors during all those years spent as a POW? No.

Fox News has declared John McCain an "American Hero" because he "saved the Senate" with his participation in the super-minority hijacking of the Senate this week. He has become the poster child of the Stupid Party, in my humble opinion.

Then again, maybe Karl Rove is behind all this. Tricky he is, this Darth Rove. Strong within him is the Force.

Oh, right. John Bolton. Right. I'll be blogging about that whole stinkin' mess soon, as soon as I can work out the kinks in the theory I'm developing. And don't get me started about that wanker Voinovich.....

I started late and now it's even later. Seven hours from now, some anesthesiologist from Bangalore, India is going to be turning on the gas and telling me to count backwardslike from ten. I'm hoping that my weekend blogging will be augmented by copious quantities of narcotic painkillers.

On second thought, maybe six beers in sixty minutes wasn't such a good plan this evening.....

24 May 2005

Is this thing on?


Blogspot is acting up tonight, don't it just figure? I have a night where I can get to bloggin' before 10:00 PM and the ghosts in the machine funk with my mojo.

Rather than blog out some big rant just to have it get lost in some technical glitch, I'll get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day. More sleep=better blogging.

Oh, I almost forgot: I am not pleased with this "Senate compromise deal". The blogosphere is a-buzz with analysis of the deal, go to any of the usual suspects for commentary. To comment in the Glenn Reynolds idiom: "The Stupid Party. Indeed."

Maybe we should hijack the Libertarian Party from the socialist sihtbastards; re-name it the Blogger Party or the Constitution Party or my personal favorite: Heywood's Kegger & BBQ (now that's a Party)

More soon.


23 May 2005

A Short Collection

Yes, it is the "Danger Hour". Again.

Sigh. I think I've run up against the wall with the whole sleep deprivation thing. On my way to work this morning, as I was driving past the airport, I thought "Hey, I don't drive past the airport on my way to work". I absolutely have to start getting more sleep.

So anyway, a few things that caught my eye since we spoke last:

Kim du Toit linked out to a eye-opening NRO post on judicial nominees. And you people wonder why I get so worked up about certain judges.....

Steyn sticks a wicket or two. No, it's not about cricket.

Via the rather weird daisy-chain that started at Cold Fury which led to Tigerhawk who pointed me to sisu (a link that I followed only because....well, never mind, it's too long of a story) which caused me to bump Glenn Reynold's hit counter to arrive at [read this one==>]this post[<==read this one]. It's what all the kids are talking about.

More sleep = better blogging. More later

22 May 2005

The "Danger Hour"

Run, Will Robinson

The Danger Hour, the hour commencing at 11:00 PM. The "get it done and go to bed" hour. The "gotta be at work in less than nine hours" hour. Here I am, finally clear of all my chores and domestic duties, and it's almost midnight.

Crap. I have tons of stuff to get off my chest tonight, but it's too late to blog it all properly.

George Galloway. NRP. SpongeTedSquareLiver. Harry Reid. The list goes on and on.


So much to blog, so little time.

I'll be glad when we're all moved and settled in the new house and life returns to normal.

My apologies for not going full force rant as promised. It sucks being a growd up some times (most times).

21 May 2005


I'm serious. I feel the need for a weekend long rant coming on, and it will not be pretty

I have never been one to suggest or condone physical violence, but the next person who whips out the "Nazi" reference in my presence is going to get their head stomped. Large.

Oh my doG, has it really come this far? Now we have Bernard Kilpatrick, the father of Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, comparing the current investigation into Mayor Kilpatrick's questionable expense account transactions to the fookin' Nazis and the Holocaust. Jeasus Christo!

Anyone who tosses out the "Nazi" comparison in trivial daily arguements is either ignorant beyond belief or deliberately trying to obfuscate / inflame an issue. There is no third choice.

I'll spare you the history lesson: if you are returning to these pages, you have probably already done the required reading of history and understand the significance thereof. To paraphrase Mr.Bill: ".....there are millions of pictures of people protesting GWB, but no pictures of people protesting Hitler....."

Note to self: Once you take over the World, History education in the public schools needs some attention. Fix this right after you ban the designated hitter and Astroturf from baseball .

The whole "Nazi" comparison thingy has gotten way out of hand. Sure, Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" was screamingly funny; maybe that's where the "Nazi" concept "jumped the shark" and was trivialized down for everyday use. "No.Soup.For.You!" Denial of soupage=Nazi, which extrapolates out to "anyone who harshes your mellow"=Nazi.

(My sincere apologies to the crew at Cold Fury, but the phrase "harshing your mellow" just has to make it into the popular vernacular. The phrase is just too cool not to be widely used.)

Dammit! It has gotten late early again. Now, I must sleep, for the Big Casa de Heywood Garage Sale comes with the rising Sun. I shall return, manana noche, with rantus continious plus tales of home-grown capitalism. Caveat Empor!!

Saturday 21 May 2005 11:46 PM

Saturday night's alright for.....something. Hell, I don't know anymore

My only note on the concept of garage sales: just throw the siht away. Really. Just pitch it. For the amount of money cleared divided by the time I invested in collecting up all the stuff, putting out the signs, organizing it all in the garage, and then sitting there for effectively all of a Saturday, I ended up with an hourly wage that would piss off a migrant farm worker.

Topping off all the garage sale festivities with maintenance of the grounds here at Casa de Heywood; I am beat. So here I am; I really should go to bed as I have been volunteered for Kite Squadron Dawn Patrol with the Genetical Twinlets. Believe me, 5 and a half year olds have a strict and harsh interpretation of the concept of "dawn". It's like their internal clocks are set on Iceland time.

Yet, I sense a strange disturbance in the Force tonight, as if in some (really) alternate reality, michael moore sits in front of his laptop in his underwear at the kitchen table eating peanut butter with a spoon whilst drinking cheap rum writing the screenplay for "America: My Bad. Why We Suck and You're Right For Hating US".

"Heywood, you've been drinking" you say (and you'd be right). But that doesn't make it less true. The non-congruent facts that moore doesn't drink at all, and out-weighs me by over 100 pounds (which, quite frankly, takes some work, 'cause I ain't exactly scrawny) still can not invalidate the parallel universe model.

A lot of people like to get worked up over michael moore. I am not one of them. As I have opined previously, I've been done with moore for almost 20 years now.

Yet still, moore and his ilk are out there (no pun intended).

I really have to sleep now. More tomorrow, I promise.

19 May 2005

Way bigger than Star Wars

Thank you, Mr.Whittle

Sanctuary, the latest essay by Bill Whittle, hit the blogosphere 24 hours ago. If you haven't read it yet, what's wrong with you? Go do so now.

Read the comments as well. Granted it's still early on, and there seems to be a problem with posting comments (can you say "server overload"?) but I was pleasantly surprised at the civility in the comments section; even by (and towards) the dissenters. It's still early on; by sundown Friday, the DU crowd will descend upon the comments section and stink up the place. Wankers.

Sanctuary is very good and really hits the spot for those of us who Have.Had.Enough.

To Bill Whittle I can only say this: "Thank you, Sir! May I have another?"

Bigger than Star Wars

and certainly more important

Bill Whittle's latest essay, "Sanctuary" is posted. More later.

17 May 2005

The other new meme

"Blogs are bad, mkay?"

Remember back in the day when I used to regularly fisk the content of the Moscow on the Huron's edition of Pravda aka The Ann Arbor News? Well, don't expect that kind of thing to resume any time soon. I have little time for blogging these days, and I'm sure as hell not going to waste my time with the dead tree MSM. Maybe later, once I can have a normal week.

That said, today's edition of Pravda had a front page feature story about how evil blogging, bloggers, and blogs are. I got all righteously indignant and was getting all revved up to fisk the article; but it got late all of a sudden and today's ration of cheap rum has mellowed my harsh.

Here's the link, give it a whirl. Fisk it yourself. It's easy and fun!

Speaking of using the words "mellow" and "harsh" in the some phrase, Mike over at Cold Fury has some salient points to make about the MSM (LLM, go read and understand) in general and the Newsweek fiasco in specific. It's repleat with linky goodness and as usual for Cold Fury, it is spot on.

Oh, yeah; almost forgot the "other new meme". Watch the MSM crank up the heat against the Blogosphere. Like the Pravda story, expect to see more and more of blog-bashing over the next couple of months. Also watch the MSM grow less and less relavant with each passing day.

14 May 2005

The left's new meme

The original title was too stupid to repeat

No news yet on our "1000th hit Live Fire Shoot Ex" yet as I haven't had the opportunity to have words with my Brother-in-Blog. I'll keep you posted.

I have noticed a "meme" being touted by the leftist sihtbastards this week and it goes something like this:

"whine whine whine moan moan.....all three branches of the government are controlled / dominated by those eeeeevil kkkonservatives.....there are no 'checks and balances'.....the right winger bible thumper nazis are in total control and they're shredding the Constitution.....moan moan whine whine moan"

Hear me now and believe me later. Just you watch: this will be the mainstay of the leftist platform for the 2006 elections. "Elect us poor democraps, 'cause there needs to be balance" or some such bull siht. Wankers

Beejeezus, it's so lunatical (one of my favorite Yogi Berra-isms) I can't even fisk my recently discovered meme. Where to start.....

First of all, the "Checks and Balances" built in to Our Constitution are designed to keep the three branches of government in check relative to each other, not balance betwixt the two major parties. The balance between the two parties is decided by like, you know, ELECTIONS.

Which brings me to my next point: (ahem)

We Won. You Lost. Get Over It.

"To the victor, goes the spoils" as the saying goes. If billy jeff blythe clinton can claim a "mandate from the people" by taking 42% of the vote, then GWB must have a Super.Fcuking.Mega.Super.Sized.Mandate. with 55% (and counting) of the vote. A big enough mandate that he could completely ignore the issue of border security (thanks for the link to the 4RWWs) and get away with it. As in a Big.Mandate. Large. With the "political capital" as mandated by the electorate, the winning party gets to control things. It's called being the MAJORITY party, the "party of the first (largest) part".

And WTF is the deal with the left complaining about a "conservative" judiciary? Really, WTF? Hello?!?! The left-leaning of the judiciary Is.The.Problem.

As for the right wing thumpers, refer to my previous post and read Derbyshire's stoic analysis.

AAARRRRRRGH. It's really quite enough to make one want to bang one's head against a cinder-block wall.

Seriously though, keep a weather eye on the left complaining about "balance".

More soon, it got late all of a sudden.

12 May 2005

A Supply Side Politics Announcement

a milestone of sorts

Your humble bloggers here at Supply Side Politics achieved a milestone this morning: 1000 hits since the installation of our hit counter back in January.

My Brother-in-Blog and I would like to thank you for your continued patronage. Our only request is that maybe, just maybe, you could leave a comment or two every now and then. It don't cost nothing.....

In celebration of the event, we're having a "Live Fire Shoot Ex" next week at a location to be announced. All of our readers, especially those in the metro Detroit (Rock City) area, are invited. Probably Wednesday. Probably at that indoor range in Westland. I'll keep you posted. If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail at heywoodblogger-at-yahoo-dot-com.

Again; thank you for your support.

The Conservative Crack-up

everybody's talking at me, can't hear a word they're saying, only the echos of my mind

It seems that the Right side of the blogosphere is doing a little introspection of late, tonight I bring you a few examples. Where to start.....

Kim duToit offers up a spot on rant on the current state of affairs as expoused by John Derbyshire. I can't tell you which one to read first, but read them both, 'cause they've got that ying/yang thing going. Couple these with the previously aforementioned "Moral Exhaustion" post by the VodkaPundit, and you've got something to think about.

Via Hewitt (like he needs the traffic), the incomparable Mark Steyn offers up A War Without Polkas. I siht you not. Do go read.

11 May 2005

Wednesday Night Check-In

it's not just us.....

Our sincere apologies for the lack of posting recently. The demands of being responsible adults have kept my Brother-in-Blog and I up to our collective arses in alligators whilst trying to drain the swamp. Add to that a most serious failure of the home 'puter (him) and getting ready to move (me) we've both been too busy to tend to SSP properly. This too, shall pass

In what little blog surfing I've done over the past week, I've noticed that other bloggers (at least the ones that I read) have been cutting back. The news has been relatively slow for us political junkies of late, and one can only point out that kerry / kennedy / reid / pelosi / boxer et al are still total asshats so many times before you get tired of typing.

One of my favorite blogs, Steven Green's VodkaPundit, gave me a scare this week. In his post "Moral Exhaustion" started down a path that we've all seen before with the likes of Steve den Beste and Rachel Lucas: some paraphrase of Eric Cartman's "Screw you guys, I'm going home". It is a good rant, and Green is spot on. Then it takes an unforeseen turn at the end and you realize that all is good with the world.

To Steve and Melissa: Congratulations.

Read the comments, too. One commenter, Jim from Fort Collins, hit the nail squarely on the head and provided me with my new mantra: "Conservative by inclination, Republican by default". Righteous, brother.

03 May 2005

Slow news week

which is good, 'cause we've been busy

On one hand, it's pretty sad that the biggest story of the past six days is the run-away bride from Georgia. On the other hand, I (and my Brother-in-Blog) haven't had the time to properly blog anything anyway.

And what's up with all the A/V MSM knuckleheads going on and on and on ad nauseaum about how ".....we're not prepared for a nucular attack....."? I mean, I know the Norks are getting sporky with their missile tests and all, but please. And Iran. Jeebeezus. Iran. Set up your TIVO now for the pay-per-view event of the new millennium: American made, Israeli driven aircraft are going to end Iran's nucular aspirations soon (I'm hoping for Memorial Day week-end; wouldn't that be sweet?). It would just be icing on the cake if Iran's breeder-processor met it's end via a tactical nucular weapon, but I digress.....

Seriously, go read the Cold Fury post. I'll wait.

So GWB goes on MSM-TV the other night pimping the much needed Social Security fix-up. Righteous, brother.

I get in the mighty SportsWagon the next morning to go to work (you know, work, it's where those evil konservatives go 50+ hours a week to earn a living and to pay repressive taxes to support those who "can't find their way" without my tax dollars; you know, work) and am treated to three UAW-sponsored ads against SS reform in my 40 minute drive. I hate to paint with a broad brush, but anything the UAW is vehemently against, I'm all for.

The "Late" bell just rang, and I must go to sleep now. To be continued.....