29 March 2005

This Just In

Breaking News from Pinellas Park, Florida

Jesse Jackson Endorses Bush Administration Policy

In an abrupt departure from his standard operating procedure, the Reverend Jesse Jackson has whole-heartedly endorsed the Bush administrations' position on the Terri Schaivo case. Jackson traveled to the hospice today to meet and pray with Bob and Mary Schindler. He made a brief statement to the press, including this quote:

"I feel so passionate about this injustice being done, how unnecessary it is to deny her a feeding tube, water, not even ice to be used for her parched lips," said Jackson, who has run for president as a Democrat. "This is a moral issue and it transcends politics and family disputes."
There was rampant speculation (in my car on the way home from work) that Jackson may be trying to position himself as more of a centrist with an eye on another Presidential campaign in 2008.

There have been fits of apoplexy on the Democratic Underground, a so-called web log, over Jackson's actions today. Discussion participants there have had to face the double whammy of Jackson's alignment with Bush and Jackson's blatant reference to and beseeching of a "G0D".

Although grossly underreported, Jackson was also caught on video tape saying ".....Social Security is busted broke and it needs fixin'. Personal Retirement Accounts are what we need to mix in....." He then left the hospice grounds in a full sized SUV driven by someone purported to be (Florida Governor) Jeb Bush.

A swag of the sombero to Mike at Cold Fury for guiding me down the slippery slope

28 March 2005

Sunday Night Wind Down

for a race that I don't have a horse in, it sure is taking up a lot of my time

So anyway Jebeezus, just make it stop already, OK? Did I say that out loud before?

The original title to this post was "What is Truth?" or something on that order. There's a whole big stinkin' story here, you'll have to bear with me.

Easter being a "family" pseudo-holiday, I had the chance to delve into how TheOtherSide thinks this afternoon. Then I started drinking. Heavily.

You see, I was told that I am Wrong.Wrong.Wrong.

NO, Scott Peterson Michael Schiavo does NOT have a $2,000,000 life insurance policy on Terri. That POOR MAN, he's DONE EVERYTHING HE COULD to HELP her.

"But what about the fact that she has not had an MRI or any of the other diagnostic tests that would help determine her condition?" I was foolish enough to ask.


"But (I asked meekly) if you willingly starved a dog to death, you would go to Federal Pound You In The Ass Prison; I mean, if you're going to euthanize, then euthanize. Don't tourture the poor woman."


"Ah, the Internet (as I search for common ground), you've been reading up on this case on the Internet?"


"What's the URL?"


"What is the URL? The address? You know: http://www.something.com?"


"Who is behind the site? Who is putting up the facts?


And on and on it went.

How I yearn for the Truth. The Truth. Not opinion, not spin: The Truth. The Truth is out there, but I doubt that we'll ever be privy to it.

25 March 2005

And another thing

dude, I gotta sleep

Go read Coulter. She, as usual, makes some good points.

I really must go now.

The Big Funk

pissed off, I am; and I don't know where to start

It is enough to just make one scream and then bash one's head against a wall. Make it stop, please. I'm not even passionate about the case, and I'm still burntd out. I've briefly posted on the issue before, and linked to others more passionate than I.

Go read Bill Kristol's piece on the bigger picture of the Schiavo case. All the kids have linked to it.
One of the things that is so un-settling about the whole Terri Schiavo case is the fact that her husband, Michael Schiavo, is due to collect a financial windfall of something like $2,000,000.00 (tax free) when she dies.

I just had a novel idea: Every one pony up a dollar. Just one dollar, you'll never even miss it. We collect all these dollars and "buy out" Michael Schiavo, contingent on him divorcing his lawful wife, and allowing her parents to become her legal guardian. There would no longer be a financial incentive for him to kill her; he'll still get his payday (and probably walk away with a fcuk of a lot more than $2,000,000.00 after taxes, judging by all the people who are as disgusted with this whole situation as you and I).

He collects his cash, she gets to live, crisis averted, everyone wins.


23 March 2005

Another opinion on the Schiavo situation

taking a break from tax preparation

I've often read mention of Steve H. of Hog On Ice but until this evening, I had not ventured over there to see what all the buzz was about. I've been missing out, this guy is good. Do go read his post on the Terri Schiavo situation. Regardless of which side of this issue you're on, Hog On Ice just makes sense.

"Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man" heh. Mmmmm, chicken-fried steak gooood.

22 March 2005

Too late to post

oxymoron alert.....if it's too late, then why am I posting?
I am being forced to be an adult for the next couple of days, so posting will be sporatic at best. It's tax time and I must petition the gubment to give me back my stinkin' money. Fargin bastages, that gubment-o-ours. The good news is that we celebrated a Blessed Event during the 2004 Tax Year so the gubment has to give me back even more of my money. That'll show'em.

21 March 2005

The Post about.....well, you know

it's what all the kids in school are talking about

Go read Rachel Lucas. Right.Now. Then go read Kim du Toit. Both have excellent posts on the Terry Schiavo fiasco. Both are spot on, and taken together, they sum up my opinion on the whole stinkin' mess. Kim even mixes two of my favorite subjects (the Constitution and baseball) to make his point. Brilliant. And Rachel is in high gear overdrive on this one; her rant about the ".....ashsoles of the blogosphere....." was just a AA minor league warm up rant.

Scott Ott is in big trouble. Because of his United Nations post; I schnortelated cheap beer out of my nose and all over my (employer's) laptop. The man's a freakin' genius. If only what he's written would come true.....what a wonderful world it would be.

NO, I will not define "schnortelated". Some things just have to be learned through experience.

20 March 2005

Sunday Night Wind Down

zero dark thirty rapidly approaches

I've been in the foulest of moods for most of the weekend. I had to venture into the belly of the beast yesterday and I'm still not over it.

We took The Children to the museum of Natural History for an afternoon outing and had to spend some "quality" time in Moscow on the Huron's downtown and on the fringes of the U-of-M campus. Past the dorms and office buildings with their "No blood for oil" and "Bush=Hitler" and "Don't die for Halliburton" signage; mingling amongst the student population. I guess the ANWR news was too recent for them to produce "anti-" signage; after all, they had put so much time and effort into creating the aforementioned signs.

Half-way through the excursion, The Missus turned to me and said "Please stop saying that" and I realized that I had been muttering ".....I gotta get my CCW permit....." out loud, over and over. Note to self: STFU.

The Museum and their exhibits were great and big fun was had by all. My only question was this: does the University admit any, like, American students? You couldn't prove it by my observations on Saturday afternoon. But I digress.....

So anyway, a couple of things have caught my eye this fine evening. Caught my eye and about poked it out.

Via Four Right Wing Wackos; I found a most excellent essay on the issue of gun ownership by a gentleman named Mike Vanderboegh. There's no snark, no invective, just an objective look at the situation. Sure, I'm in the choir shoutin' out "Amens" to my brother, but I found the essay to be spot on. Your milage may vary. Do go give it a read, it is a long piece, but well worth the effort.

The Wackos also have provided a link to the test from Patrick Henry's oft quoted speech. Read it again for the first time.

There was something else, but I gotta sleep now. Stay Tuned

19 March 2005

Saturday Night Wrap Up

tales from the dark side.....

So anyway they've pulled the tube on Terry Schiavo. Sad. To be totally honest about it, I haven't followed the the situation that closely; so let me offer my two cents worth of opinion and move on.

==>I find it quite curious that the same crowd who support starving this woman to death also oppose capital punishment as "cruel and unusual"
==>In every State of the Union, if you deliberately starved a dog to death you would go to prison. Not "country club prison" but "pound you in the ass prison" (Apologies, if you haven't seen Office Space, you will completely miss the reference)
==>If I understand the background correctly, her husband, Scott Peterson Michael Schiavo stands to collect a financial windfall upon her death. So it only seems prudent to let him make the decision on whether she lives or dies; after all, he loves her to death
==>Congress issuing a subpoena for Terry Schiavo to testisfy would be laughable if it didn't reflect so poorly on the Right. We on the Right bitch about all the dead people voting for democrats in Chicago and Portland yet seek testimony from someone in a vegetative state.

It got late early here at Casa de Heywood; I must sleep.

18 March 2005

Article 1 Section 5

WTF are those leftist nutjobs talking about?

Unlike Senators Byrd, Reid, and Boxer; I'm sure that you are aware the second paragraph of Article 1 Section 5 of The Constitution of theUnited States reads as follows:

"Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two-thirds, expel a Member"
(Emphasis mine)

The practice of the filibuster is not Constitutionally protected. The Senate makes it's own parlimentary rules, as provided by Article 1 Section 5, and the Senate can, by simple majority, change it's own parlimentary rules.

So, when Sheets Byrd and Harry Reid and Babs Boxer (who is quite possibly as stupid as algore) start babbling about how ending the filibuster is somehow changing the Constitution, tell them to STFU and go sit in the corner. It's a Senate rule; not a Constitutional mandate.

17 March 2005

This just couldn't wait

and I was just about to call it a night

Ann Coulter really whacks it with her 16 March 2005 post. Wow. Go read it. Twice.

It starts to make sense, in light of the Brian Nichols episode in Atlanta, why the feminist left has dusted off the ERA this week. Ann Coulter puts the smack-down on the "anything you can do, I can do better" crowd.

See also: Infidel, Blue-Eyed for further supporting information on the case of Nichols, Brian. A taste:

".....if you honestly believe "a woman can do anything a man can do." Please. Don't be an idiot. I'm 5'3" and weigh 118 pounds; I'm 32, healthy, stronger than I look, and really good with handguns. But I assure you, I am incapable of winning a fight with a man built like Brian Nichols in the situation that guard was in. Utterly and unequivocally incapable. "
It's chock full of snark and invective, do go read it now.

No, really. I have to sleep now.

16 March 2005

Wednesday Night Wrap Up

for the lack of a better title

So anyway I sit down to do a little bloggin' this fine evening and I discover, much to my surprise, that common sense has broken out in Washington D.C. and we are finally going to start exploring for oil (mmmmm, oil: black gold, Texas tea) in ANWR.

'Bout friggin' time.

I'm old enough to remember all the hubbub the leftist enviromentalist (I know, redundancy alert) nutjobs made about the horridly evil Trans-Alaska Pipeline: how the "pristine" Alaskan environment would be ravaged and how the caribou and reindeer and polar bears and the web-footed hook-billed snark nosed boobie birds would all be doomed to extinction and that there would be great wailing and gnashing of teeth and we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

Except none of the above happened. In fact, quite the opposite. I recall seeing some National Geographic program years ago about how the wildlife was thriving along the pipeline route.

Just relax, people. Halliburton is not going to pave every square foot of ANWR; the environment is not going to be ravenged by the drilling (Oh, yes, the drilling. Lots and lots of drilling). One of the enviro-nutjob arguments is that ANWR would be destroyed and no one will ever see it again. I got news for you, Skippy: no one was ever going to see it anyway. It's not like there are regularly scheduled tours heading up to the North Slope. But you know what? Once the evil greedy oil companies start working up there on a regular basis, and supply lines are established, and a few roads are built; somebody will start operating tours, piggy-backing off the ground work done by Halliburton, et al.

But enough about that. I'm getting bummed out thinking about it. Had I known, I would have bought more Halliburton stock yesterday, now I'm screwed. It'll probably open Thursday morning at about twice it's Wednesday closing price on the news.

Look for this news item in the MSM: drilling in ANWR is just a Chimpy McBushitler scheme to make his oil buddies rich. Trust me, you'll see it Sunday, at the latest.

What else is out there? Oh, right: Harry Reid.

What a wanker. It seems that Harry "GroundHogDay" Reid has threatened to "shut down the Senate" and only address issues of Defense and National Security (now that would be an interesting Google search: WTF does the left know about Defense and/or National Security?).

Shut down the Senate. Hmmm. Stop making laws. Hmmm. Curious.

OK, Harry. You win. Shut down the Senate. Right. Do It Now. See if you can get your counterpart in the House to do the same. Shut down the whole Legislative branch. Ab-so-lutely!!! Only matters of Defense and National Security to be addressed. Righteous.

If there are any pesky little issues that need to be addressed, we can take a page from the billy jeff blythe clinton playbook and handle them with an Executive Order. Fair enough?

Add this to your "To Do" list

It's very important

Please take a few minutes and go read and sign the OnLine Coalition petition. The Federal Elections Commission is mulling over proposed rule changes regarding political speech on the Internet. The OnLine Coalition is a truely bi-partisan grass-root effort to protect our First Amendment Rights on the Internet.

15 March 2005

Rachel Lucas Rocks

now, that was refreshing

Rachel Lucas does not suffer fools gladly, and today she force feeds a big steaming cup of STFU to the, .....well, ashsoles of the blogosphere. Gawd, she's so cute when she's angry. Make sure you read the sidebar, for bonus snark and invective.

13 March 2005

Sunday Night Wrap Up

yet another weekend of no accomplishments goes into the books

My esteemed Brother-in-Blog has scooped the blogosphere (beating the rest of the world to the punch by more than 48 hours) with his post on the UnAmericanWankers playing their childish little games and booting the Marine Reservists from their parking lot. Sir George, over at Our Liege and Master's most excellent Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, has picked up the thread and a lively debate follows. Just remember, you saw it here first.

Sure, I said the Usually Ain't Working was within their Constitutional right of Freedom of Association to ban the GWB-supporting Reservist from their lot. Just 'cause you have the Right, doesn't mean it's "right".

Target had the Right to boot the Salvation Army from their properties, but it was a shitty thing to do; and ultimately it has hurt Target in the long run. Not by much, but there was a backlash over their decision.

BTW, I'm still waiting for someone to educate me on exactly how GWB is the ".....most anti-worker, anti-union president since the 1920s.....", but hell, it's only been 24 hours and appearantly the rest of the Blogosphere is 48 hours behind. You know the drill, post it in the comments or e-mail me at heywoodblogger-at-yahoo-dot-com. Like we said at the beginning of this blog adventure: check you facts, bring your data, and be prepared to lose.

12 March 2005

That got me thinking

The UAW supports.....the UAW

My Brother-in-Blog's previous post is spot on. It illustrates yet another glaring inconsistancy in the way the UAW (and unions in general) goes about their business.

The UAW responded to the change of policy in a statement:

"While the reservists certainly have the right to drive non-union made vehicles and display bumper stickers touting the most anti-worker, anti-union president since the 1920s, that doesn't mean they have the right to park in a lot owned by the members of the UAW," according to the statement.

I'd like to see their "evidence" that GWB is the ".....most anti-worker, anti-union president since the 1920s.....". All the current economic issues that the UAW is wont to bitch about, China / India / Mexico / out-sourcing et al., imports, etc. are a direct result of the policies of the 42nd President, one billy jeff blythe clinton. NAFTA, GATT, China's MFN trade designation all where spawned during the eight year malaise of the previous administration.

As for the "anti-union" part, he's got my vote. But you knew that. Note to self: do a big post on how much unions apply suction. And you thought my flatulent fcuktard and ab0rtion posts were long.....

Now, it is my long standing policy to seek congruence between the news of the day and my core beliefs, so here's where I have to come down on this one:

While the UAW is, in general, a sorry collection of wankers, they have the Constitutional right of (sing along, you know the words) Freedom of Association that allows them to decide who can use their parking lot. The same protection that allows Augusta National to exclude women as members; that lets Target boot the Salvation Army off their doorstep; and lets the Boy Scouts exclude those who choose to practice a homosexual lifestyle from being troop leaders; also applies here. Yeah, it's distasteful having to side with the Usually Ain't Working, and I'm going to have to take a long hot shower as soon as I log off, but it is what it is.

I take a small modicum of comfort in knowing that this episode is just another in a long series of the left and their constituants proving beyond a shadow of a doubt just how far out of touch with reality and the rest of Silent America they really are.


Raging_Dave over at the indespensible Four Right Wing Wackos has an outstanding post on our favorite commodity: oil. Read and be enlightened. I can't believe that this post has been out there since Wednesday and I haven't linked to it before now. My bad. Dave puts two in the center of body mass and one to the head with his eloquent and succinct post.

11 March 2005

UAW Supports Our Troops?

WDIV in Detroit has reported here, that the UAW has rescinded parking privileges to Marine Corps Reservists who use their parking lot in Detroit. The group is angry with reservists who don't drive American owned vehicles or who have Bush/Cheney bumper stickers displayed on their cars. Boo effen hoo, these are the people defending our country!

"While the reservists certainly have the right to drive non-union made vehicles and display bumper stickers touting the most anti-worker, anti-union president since the 1920s, that doesn't mean they have the right to park in a lot owned by the members of the UAW,"

These are the same people driving around with "We Support the Troops" bumper stickers while secretly wishing the death toll in Iraq will rise to support their twisted political agenda. Anyway, when you have a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on your car, a "We Support the Troops" bumper sticker is redundant.

10 March 2005

Thursday Night Wrap Up

I'm starting to see a pattern here

Ann Coulter pops the top on a fresh six pack of Snark and shares it with the world. A regular chuckle-fest, it is.

Mike over at Cold Fury links out to Geraghty at National Review on the for and against demonstrations in Lebanon. Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame is also following the Lebanon / Syria situation.

Pig Herder has his eye on the situation as well. Heh.

Speaking of Cold Fury, it was there that I discovered InstaPunk, who has a most excellent post on the so-called "Danger of Guns". InstaPunk will be added to the "Recently Discovered" blogroll soon.


I'm back, after having spent over an hour on the phone with Verizon correcting my cell phone issue. Of course now it's bedtime, as Zero Dark Thirty comes awful early these days.

09 March 2005

There are issues

that I don't have time for right now

So anyway where to start? sigh

First off, YosemiteSam over at The Ten Ring has a post on "counter-recruiting" that will make you break things in your home or office. Or your home office. Whatever. There's loads of good stuff over there, tell'em Heywood sent ya.

There have been some squeaking noises in Congress about the minimum wage lately and I'm about to get righteously pissed off about the general lack of knowledge and specific ignorance about the whole issue of the Minimum Wage.

Note to SpongeTedSquareLiver: STFU.

The minimum wage was never intended to be a "living wage", it was enacted to promote full employment. Jebeezus, how many times do I have to 'splain this concept? OK, we have new students in class who haven't heard this before, so here goes:

On second thought, never mind. This issue requires a little more cogent (sober) thought, and I shall check my facts (a totally redundant exercise) and post specifically on the issue soon. No, really. Soon. Next week. Or certainly before the end of the month.

Poor billy jeff: as part of hillary's master plan, he probably will not survive his next heart surgury. After all, she can't run in '08 if he's still consuming oxygen on this planet. I was surprised he made it off the table after the bypass operation. Again, this is an issue worthy of it's own post; I'll get back to you before the end of the quarter.

Note to the Provisioning Committee: WTF? How do we run out of cheap rum at 11:30 PM on Garbage Night? I want answers, people. On my desk, first thing in the morning.

07 March 2005

Monday Night Wrap Up

.....dominos continue to fall.....

Via Stephan Green's daily-must-read VodkaPundit I stumbled upon the latest from Mark Steyn. As usual, Mr.Steyn is spot on in his analysis of the situation in the Middle East. Plus, he takes some shots at Paul Martin, the hapless PM of canadia.

Steyn is a regular guest on Hugh Hewitt's radio program (I think on Wednesdays). If you can get the Hewitt show, give it a listen. Having heard Mr.Steyn speak, his columns take on that certain snarky British dry-wit flavor when you read them, making them all the more better.

Heywood is a long standing member of the Proper English Abuse Society.

05 March 2005

Technical Difficulties

but we're feeling much better now

SupplySidePolitics has experienced a minor technical glitch over the past 36 hours, the "side bar" just up and dissapeared. I think the issue has been resolved and things are back to normal. If you notice any problems, please e-mail me at heywoodblogger-at-yahoo-dot-com. Thankyouverymuch.

We've added a "Recently Discovered Blogs" blogroll to the side bar, and welcome The Ten Ring and Red_State_Infidel as the inaugral members. I've also "de-listed" Frank J.'s IMAO, as they have recently "jumped the shark" and I want to remember the old Frank, not the Joanie Loves Chachi version. (Am I the only one who is frightened by the fact the "Joanie Loves Chachi" generates over 19,000 Google hits?)

Too scary, I gotta geaux

04 March 2005


once again, Kim is in the ten ring

If you're a blogger or a blog reader, I'm sure you've heard the squeaking noises coming out of the FCC concerning applying the horridly un-Constitutional McCain-Feingold Act to the blogosphere. If I may add my own two pesos to the debate: The FCC can bite me, right before they bugger off.

As usual, Kim du Toit has hit the nail on the head. Be advised, there is harsh language therein; but Kim is succinct and to the point. Go yea therefore and behold; and scroll down the page for more righteous Constitutional outrage.

03 March 2005

Article VI Section III

Article VI Section III
"The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."
The purpose of the Senate (as far as Senate confirmation regarding judicial appointments) is to make sure that the candidates appointed by the President will adhere to the Constitution and advise the President of their concerns for those they do not believe will. Can someone please explain to me where it says people of faith need not apply? Apparently Senate Democrats don't feel the need to abide by this rule, rejecting anyone with a deep faith in God, (as they would likely be pro-life and a threat to Roe V. Wade). As illustrated above, this is absolutely unconstitutional. The hypocracy in this argument is that they are crying foul over Republican plans to modify Senate rules to disallow the filibuster for judicial nominees. I see, some 100 year old Senate rules are not to be broken but hey, the constitution's OK to trample on. And to hear it reported in the MSM, one would think the filibuster is being outlawed altogether. The simple truth is, we absolutely need to get rid of activist judges who refuse to rule based on the constitution. (For those of you who might have forgotten, we are a Constitutional Republic) If that means changing Senate rules, so be it. It is not the job of the court to legislate laws, that's reserved for Congress.
This weeks ruling proves the point. Looking across the pond for guidance instead of reading the document they are sworn to uphold is simply treasonous. Now I am actually opposed to the death penalty for a variety of reasons, but that's another post. Since Federal judges are appointed for life, ALL nominations to the court are critical.
The argument shouldn't be so polorized. Constitutionality should be the yardstick of measure for nominees, however, the left has NO basis in constitutionality. They are a fascist party, hijacked over time and blind to their position on the left - right scale They actually believe fascists are on the right side of that scale (Senators Clinton, Byrd, Shumer, Boxer, Levin et.al. take note) probably products of public education so I'll let it slide. The positives of this are that their power lies in a dying constituency. Mainly older Democrats (who can easily be tricked into believing the evil Republicans are going to steal their SS check), who have always been Democrats, mis-informed youngsters, (products of an academic stranglehold of artsy fartsy liberal arts profs who don't produce anything but bile), abortionists, (people who want to bear no responsibility for their behavior ) and a few other miscreants. This is NOT your grandfather's Democratic Party anymore and the information age is highlighting this problem 1000 fold. The fight is not only about abortion or gay marriage or the death penalty. If we have true constitutionalists on the courts, we WILL have a better society, perhaps like the ones they dream of too, with the power returning to the people where it rightly belongs. These judges will not stop until we stand up and fight. Congress should take control of the direction of this country, not a judicial coup.

02 March 2005

Wednesday Night Wrap Up

.....where did all this garbage come from?

So anyway Wednesday night is Garbage Night at Casa de Heywood, so my blogging time is compromised by domestic chores. Anyway, to today's items of note:

Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame links out to a study about the mental benefits of blogging. Interesting concept; I've long been a believer that writing out one's thoughts tends to clarify the mind. Your actual milage may vary.....

Via Kim duToit, I happened upon The Ten Ring, with a horrifying tale of peeking into the soul of the Dark Side. I know the feeling, as I have occasionally ventured to the far left end of the blogosphere as part of my avocation and it leaves a scar.

And now I must sleep. Zero-Dark-Thirty will be here before you know it.

01 March 2005

Two things

before I forget

Dredging through the archives, I stumbled upon a couple of pieces that should see the light of day. Yes, they're both old, from January, practically neolithic by Blogosphere standards.

The first is from Ann Coulter, and just the title was enough to make me giggle for the past half hour: "Liberals Love America like O.J. Loved Nicole" To quote the (not funny) Larry the Cable Guy "I don't care who you are, that's funny".

The other is my often-hinted-at "off-line live-blogging" of the State of the Union address. I really meant to superimpose my blogging notes over the actual text of the speech, but that takes time and effort and I didn't have an internet connection in my small but tiny apartment or a laptop at the time and it's too late now.

Did I mention that I have a laptop now?

I gotta get me some of those

Too funny

Blackfive. Funny stuff. Go see.